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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Winter is nearly here, but we're keeping busy!

The weather has turned!  We've lit the potbelly fire, which makes Tuppy the heat-seeker very happy indeed, and gives our magic cottage its warm heart back.

It's the proper time for crocheting! Current projects are...

A rainbow monster-to-be from a Fresh Stitches pattern,


Gawd, that colour combo choice was a bit rampant!

Roy here was lonely so I'm making him a Rhoda.  :) 

And my wrist warmers are on the way, in lovely autumn colours, good to calm my brain down a bit after working on Rhoda.  With such a fine yarn, it is taking a lot of rows of single crochet to get to the correct size.

 I'm loving the delectable combo of colour and texture of the resulting work, though! 

Niamh and I had another art lesson yesterday. She wants to try using acrylic paints so I figured we might as work towards something she'd like to hang on the wall.  We're working from a photo of her and her pony Ollie.

I'm impressed with how hard she concentrates.

And she is very pleased with the result so far.  Next week we start painting!

Last Saturday we hosted a Games Night for the Brigade.  I was a little nervous because it's been a long time since I planned any sort of big social event, but with the support of my family and the positive attitudes of the lovely members, we managed to have a really fun night.  I only took one picture, early in the night, because I was too busy playing games after that!

Writing this week has gone really well.  Word count as of finishing today is 17 257 and it's flowing well.   I'm starting to really get into my characters now.  

There's still been time for lyre-playing, though.  I've managed a bit of time most days, both to practice the songs I know and to work on the new one, which is within a whisker of being fully sorted out.  There's time, that is, apart from when Mr. Superkitty decides it's time for kitty snuggling instead.

Can you still play a lyre while a cat is on your lap?



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