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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Catching up!

I don't know, suddenly I never remember to blog. Maybe this happens to everyone who starts a blog. It's not like I don't have news.   I have lots, I just don't have the urge to sit down and write it.  the time I spend blogging could be time spent with a musical instrument, or my dogs or chickens, studying druidry, or chasing the autumn sun around the property.

Ah well, life is cycles, maybe the urge will return.   I've been collecting photos still...

The bridges for my two new lyres begin their journey.  

Lovely old jarrah cut out of a weathered old bit of 2 by 4.  This will do for both the tailpieces and bridges.   

Autumn skies over Lake Leschenaultia

Roo doing a panorama

Lovely Wandoo trees nearby

A great old grass tree.

More lake, from the other end.

A family of black swans

A coot.  They have such bizarre feet, like little rows of leaves!  

See the feet? 

My view of WA author day on the verandah at Just Add Passion

The sky fROM the roof of our friend Gogs's house.  

A cutie clydie visiting the pie shop in Bakers Hill.  
The lake again, on a day spent with druids.  Lovely!

The embarrassed author at WA Author day.   It was fun! 
The copper piggy, as Roo calls him, also known as Torc, on the lyre of the same name!  Woohoo!

After a day of Incident Control Vehicle training today, I plan on tomorrow being a day of woodwork, art, music and kolrosing.  Here is my very first bee, cut into the other lyre, Fréowine. The bees will go right around the hole in the lyre to represent the mead being drunk by the two 'wine friends' of the design that will be on the lower part of the lyre.  I'll tackle it when all the bees have honed my kolrosing skills a bit more!

When it has all been scratched in, I will rub cocoa into the grooves, then oil and burnish them.  Cocoa made the nicest colour when we did a few tests, and smells delectable too. I hope some of the smell stays on the lyre when it is all done.  :)  Another arty adventure.  I do love a challenge!  

Have a lovely weekend.   I won't promise to post again on Monday.  Subscribe, and then you'll know every time that I do a post, no matter how irregular!