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Monday, 23 March 2020

While we all wait...

While we all wait for the Corvid virus to settle down, and hopefully keep inside as much as we can to slow the spread, I've put all my ebooks down to 99c on Amazon for as long as it takes.  If you've been wanting to read them but think it is too expensive, or if you've never wanted to read them but now you're bored as and any escape will help, go for it!

Writing on my current book seems to be going as slowly as treacle runs.  Life keeps getting in the way.  Ah well, it's growing slowly and one day will be born.

In the meantime, here's some pics of Luka and stuff for your viewing pleasure!  We've been having way to much fun with his grooming!


He's afriggin'dorable!

The two labs love him too.  Bless their patient hearts!

Rosie is 12 now!  Where does the time go?

We've been improving the cottage again.  This time a fence to keep the zippy poodle safe when the front door opens, and a pergola off the new verandah, and paving, so less dirt gets tracked inside.  It's such a lovely space now.  

Let me help you with that, Dad! 

Next comes a vegie garden that is safe from the chooks!

Fireys for us has been quiet this year, unlike some of our mates over east, but we did get out to a social event to give the local kids a chance to use the hoses. 


I haven't been very well for the last few months, so what fires there were, I've missed.

We did get a new baby in the family, wee Elaena Pearl, and what a little angel she is.  Almost as cute as a puppy!

      And other random stuff...


Monday, 26 August 2019

A new puppy...

Introducing Luka..


He's a parti-coloured Mini poodle and the smallest dog I've ever raised.  He gives me cycle after cycle of frissons of delight followed often immediately by rushes of fear, he is so brave and so vulnerable.

It was the eyebrows in his early pics that sucked us in.    


After a few days of horror, the two Lab girls are surprisingly pleased with him, especially Tuppy who seeks out games with him all the time and even shares toys!   That came as a surprise.  We really thought she'd need supervising.  she does insist on a bit better behaviour than Rosie, though.  Rosie is of course her usual gentle self.  Even she enjoys playing little mouthy games with him.  She is the indulgent big sister and Tuppy is the stern one.   

I'd like to say that everything else goes on as usual around here, but it would be a total lie.  Our whole lives are revolving around this precious little bundle of opinion, sweetness and grit!  

Sunday, 14 July 2019

A song for you: The King of the Boars

This song is based on two boar stories.

One of the boars is Twrch Trwyth from Welsh Mythology.

The other is Torc Triath from Irish Mythology.

Were they the same boar?  I posited so in this song!  

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Druids and allsorts!

It's autumn, but there has been hardly any rain. We're still turning out to fires, mostly ones lit by people who aren't very aware.  They light a small fire and don't put it out properly, or they light too big a fire for the dry conditions. Ah well, at least it keeps us busy.  And dirty...

...but not in a good way!

I need to talk about the Druidcamp.  It was while back now but it was most marvelous.

Damh the Bard, Cerri and Kristoffer were so lovely.  As I've said before, if you want to see what a spirituality or philosophy will do for you, look at its leaders, and you couldn't ask for for kinder, wiser, more connected beings than these three.

I learned a heap, and laughed and cried a lot, and some of the moments in the ceremonies and bardic circle and giant music session were just mind blowingly amazing.

Julie, Tamzin, Cait and I performed Savage Daughter together at the eisteddfod.

Afterward at the bardic circle, I did my new song called King of the Boars that I wrote for my new lyre, Torc.  I love this pic Michelle got of me.

I look a lot more relaxed than Ifelt!

I also got to spend time with my Druid peeps!  Yay!

Selfie with Mandy, and a photobomb by Damh the Bard and Kris!  Did you ever!

On the plane with lovely Michelle and my Druid brother Dusty!

My dear druid sister Trudy!
And we explored a bit of gorgeous Adelaide.  The botanical gardens are lovely, as is the old architecture, and they have a lot of art and quirky bits that I loved, except the moment where I thought i was about to fall down these stairs, though it turned out there was glass over them!  The sculpture at the bottom looks a bit worried that he might have had to catch me!  

Around here, things go on as usual.  The last chicks of the year are growing up. both roosters, dammit, but being part Hamburg, they aren't very big so won't be able to bully the girls, or very loud crowers, so they might be able to stay.  Frankendotte has gone to live with mum's partner, Karl, and his hens.  He is rechristened Frank Sinatra for his singing, which Karl loves.  A lucky break for Frank!

One of the so called Hamburgs is definitely not all Hamburg.  He is rather hideous in the face right now but his plumage is pretty and interesting.  He was christened Chugly (chicken ugly) for a while but he's now called Bunky, short for Shubunken, because of his goldfish colouring.

The other one is classic Hamburg and is The Cisco Kid because of his embroidered black and white appearance.  He is super pretty, which makes Bunky look worse.

I'm crocheting a blankie for my friend Amy, and as usual Mr Kitty has to help.

He's such a lovey.

I've been passed as a driver for the big ICV in our comms brigade (incident control vehicle).   

We turned out to the late shift with our comms brigade to a large fire and got to see our brigade mates from Chidlow VBFB.  Ha, I wasn't the grubbiest for a change!  Away from the fire, it was cold out there!  It seems silly to be fighting fires while it is cold, but there you have it. 

It was hectic at first.  We arrived to find many appliances and support crews on the boards to keep track of with our very good crew ...

 ...but as the fire was blacked out, trucks were stood down, and the night drew on, the number of fireys dropped, and by the time we left at 2am, it was quite spooky out there. Just one lone guy from the water truck wandering in to find coffee and food at the blessed Salvos truck!

No rain, but we know autumn is here because the Virginia Creeper has once more turned.

  I found one of my books on the feature wall at our local library.  Yay!

Roo and i got to turn out to a fire together in the back of the truck.  Also yay!

Yes something weird happened to my face.  Other than me just being weird as usual. 

We had some of our Druid mates over for a Samhain night.  It was lovely getting to see my  friends enjoying playing my lyres. They're so calming to play.  


            Also Guinevere felt she should be part of the night, and Michelle got a pic of her for me.

Michelle also made me this quilt!  Squeeeee!

It has the rune Ansuz on it, for my patron god, Odin, and for inspiration and skill in communication, and the two ravens who accompany Odin, Huginn and Muninn.  I just can't even begin to say how much I love and appreciate this gift and all the work and skill she put into making it!  I love you Michelle!

This gorgeous old Jarrah tree was on the side of the track we walked one morning this week.

Look at all the liminal space, and the face too!

Michelle also got this pic of my dear Rosie, who is 11-and-a-half now and showing her age a little more lately.

My sweet sweet baby, how did you get to be an old dog so suddenly?