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Monday, 16 May 2016

Silly fun!

We had a bit of fun on Saturday night!  Along with two young fellas from our brigade; the brothers Gogs and Pierre, Andrew and I went along to be faces for a local gym's fundraiser for our brigade.

We did a meet and greet before they went in for their half-exercise/half-danceparty class, and we decided it would be more fun to join in than to wait till they came out for champers and a raffle!  What ensued then was much hilarity and excellent fun.

Andyroo shaking his booty

Twerking time!

And drag the hose, drag the hose...

Have to laugh at how short I am compared to the two brothers.  :D

They are THIS tall!

Do the zombie!

We found our heavy fire boots a tad hard to swing about, and the PPE got bloody hot, but on the whole we kept up all through the hour, though I for one was cheating when they started doing hard stuff near the ground.  :)

The guys got pretty sexy there at one point!



Darling Rosie is still doing really well.  We went back to the vet for a check this morning and Dr Alana is still really pleased with her progress.  Woo hoo!  She is on limited rations still for a while, though. She is about to be swapped onto crocodile and tapioca food, of all things!  She is a bit of an itchy girl and can't use her normal cortisone because of her poor tummy, so we have to try a novel food source to see if we can stop the return of her itch now that she is off the good stuff. 

I've finished two crochet project in recent days; my wrist warmers made from hand-painted yarn I got from Marigold&dog...
 They are so scrummy and warm and delectably-coloured!

And, I have also finished the lady rainbow monster, who the nieces have named Rianna...

She is bigger than her husband, but Roy doesn't seem to mind.  I guess the yarn I used was a tad thicker than the last lot.  They were both 8 ply but I have changed brands and there is a definite difference.

Yes he does have a duck on his head.  I don't know, I just put it there one day and liked it.  :)

This was a weird scene this morning, the most Bronzewing Pigeons I've ever seen in one place.  Very odd!   There is a new house being built just there so maybe workmen have been throwing scraps out for them.   Either that or it's some sort of message from the gods.  :)

Tuppy was actually enjoying a bit of a blankie nap after daddy wrapped her in a minky this morning.  Maybe she will turn into a calm dog in time!

I'm not holding my breathe though!




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  1. SO happy to hear Tuppy is feeling better!! Hoping she's back to her rowdy old self in to time. :)

    Your exercise class looked like so much fun! I LOVE doing stuff like that, but my hubs - not so much. I love how you and Andy have so much fun together. And yes, those guys were hella sexy. :)


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