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Monday, 26 August 2019

A new puppy...

Introducing Luka..


He's a parti-coloured Mini poodle and the smallest dog I've ever raised.  He gives me cycle after cycle of frissons of delight followed often immediately by rushes of fear, he is so brave and so vulnerable.

It was the eyebrows in his early pics that sucked us in.    


After a few days of horror, the two Lab girls are surprisingly pleased with him, especially Tuppy who seeks out games with him all the time and even shares toys!   That came as a surprise.  We really thought she'd need supervising.  she does insist on a bit better behaviour than Rosie, though.  Rosie is of course her usual gentle self.  Even she enjoys playing little mouthy games with him.  She is the indulgent big sister and Tuppy is the stern one.   

I'd like to say that everything else goes on as usual around here, but it would be a total lie.  Our whole lives are revolving around this precious little bundle of opinion, sweetness and grit!