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Sunday, 10 May 2015

What a weekend! Another step on the road to recovering from Lyme!

We started a new venture recently and on the weekend we got to really have a go at it.  We've joined up with the local volunteer bushfire brigade, and on the weekend we managed to put in more than seven hours at a fuel reduction burn.

Can't even begin to tell you how chuffed I am to feel well enough to even think I could cope, and to be back in service to my community in some capacity. For quite a few years I've been more in need of a bit of community service than able to hand it out myself!

I was dead scared I'd crash out and have to go lie on the back seat of the fire truck, but I made it far further than I ever dreamed I would.  Andyroo too!  We took painkillers that night, and we're both still tired and as stiff as boards two days later, but we did it!

One more step on the road to recovery from Lyme disease.  To get my life back, to get MYSELF back, no matter how slowly, it is pure heaven!  I'm sure Andyroo feels the same. 

Plus, it was hella good fun!  Yeah!!!!

May is Lyme Disease Awareness month.  Please, if you know someone who is diagnosed with ME, CFS, MND, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, and so many others, please, suggest Lyme to them. It is known as the great imitator because it is diagnosed as so many other things.

It has been found on every continent in the world where people can live, and it is very good at hiding from testing.  If we'd believed the medicos, we'd still think we had CFS and be living lives of misery, getting slowly worse and worse.  It isn't easy to recover, but it is possible.

AND, don't let anyone tell you it is all in your head!  It bloody isn't!   

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