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Friday, 8 May 2015

All my books so far!

How cool is this? The Cunning Plans Proof arrived today and that makes the full tally of all my completed books to date!

What a lot of writing time they represent!  Still, it's all worth it every time I hear someone has enjoyed one of my books, or when I read a lovely review on one.

Cunning Plans is set in Western Australia, with the plucky ex-jockey Kat as the main character.  I love Kat.  She is full of life and naughtiness.  She has her lovely ex-rachorse Lingo, and her cheeky dog, and she is making a good life out of a hard start.  Like all of my books, there is a lot of good friendship in this book, a lot of love, plenty of animals, and a lot of fun.  If you love horses, it's right up your alley.  If you love a good mystery, you'll enjoy it too.  Give it a try!  The print version won't be available for a few days yet, but it won't be long.

I think I totally forgot to mention it on my blog when Death by Dog Trial went to print.  It has our own precious Tam on the cover and my darling Rosie is the dog swimming on the back.  It's a murder mystery, but with plenty of dogs in it, and not surprisingly with a title like that!  I'd say it's a cozy whodunnit.  Once more set in Western Australia, it follows the fortunes of Jonesy and her lovely Curly-coated Retriever as they try to compete in a National Retrieving Trail in the midst of murder and with maybe a hint of romance.

Hmm, what else is news here?  I've been making an Amigurumi doll based on a manga character called Sokka.  He was so funny at the halfway point that I just had to take a photo!  How hilarious is this?  :D

He is a bit further along now, with half his tunic made and his hair and ears on. I'll post the link to the pattern when I post him at the finished stage.

I love him already!  It is going to be hard to let him go, but he is ear-marked for a secret doll round-table kind of thing that I am part of.  I wonder what the doll I receive will look like and who is making mine right now?  Sokka will be winging his way off to the other side of the country soon.  Oh, it can be so hard to say goodbye to them!

Speaking of which, this poem was posted to another blog that I have recently discovered; Going Gently.  Oh, such a funny and compassionate man is John Gray!  Wish I'd found his blog years ago!  (Beware, he can be quite rude as well!) This isn't his poem, though, but was written by an elderly neighbour who recently lost her dog, her only companion.  I love this poem because it not only speaks of the way we feel when we lose a beloved pet, but also of how they open our eyes to the natural world while they are alive.  Enjoy!

"A companion warm and true, whenever I was sad, you came with enquiring eye
Bright with love.
Many many miles we walked.
In early morning mists, past sunlit meadows,
enjoyed warm summer days.
In Autumn the changing leaves matched the colours of your lovely coat.
We saw squirrels chase, we heard the woodpecker drill his tree,
the buzzard mew, teaching her young to hunt.
We stood aside as horses passed.
Head held high, you sniffed the air of the new mown hay, honeysuckle and pine.
You travelled on with proud step in wind, rain and winter snows when even the rooks
were silent.
We walked in the pink glow of fabulous sunsets.
To see the light go from your beautiful eyes.
No more, the lick on my hand , or the paw to hold,
No more the clown to play your favourite ball games.
The garden is quiet, your blackbird does not come to welcome the eventide
I miss him too.
So until we can be together once more 
Goodbye and god bless"

Oh dear, got your hanky?  Sniff!  Many thanks to "Mrs Trellis" for sharing.  It is so beautiful, and also, at least to me, very Druidy.    


  1. Thank you for bigging up going gently
    Mrs trellis was very touched by your comment

    1. You're welcome, John, it has become an instant favorite blog. :) Hugs to Mrs Trellis. I hope she finds a new dog to soothe her heart soon.


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