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Monday, 18 May 2015

Latest news from May, involving baby pics, Fireside Labbies and more.

This morning mum was looking at Photos when I went over to say hello, and I said I'd scan a few for her.

How darling is this pic of her with my baby sister Jenny?

She said I looked like a kewpie doll as a baby. I have no idea why she said that!  :D
 I still have these ears!

This is me at seven on my first pony, Pippi.  He was ex-riding school and way smarter than me.  We look like we're going somewhere in this pic but actually I spent most of my time trying to stop him eating grass, sometimes to the point where I would be pulling so hard I would slide right down his neck and fall off over his head.  He never batted an eyelash, just went on chomping!  If only we'd known then about grazing reins, I'd have had him beaten.  :)

This was taken in the wheatbelt town of Mukinbudin (Muck-In-Boo-Din, known by the locals as Muka) where we lived for two years while my da got his permanent residency as a teacher.  He was at the high school teaching Manual Arts, and mum was at the primary school teaching there. We had a lot of freedom as kids in that small town.  It was lovely if rugged countryside.  Used to going barefoot a lot, the double gee prickles (caltrops) were a torment until we developed hard, leathery feet!

I still remember my poor sister Jenny, only five, crying, "I hate those double geesus!" when she got another foot full of them on first arriving. Our first Christmas there, I got a two wheeler bicycle, training wheels and all, and man did I cry when I wobbled off down the street on my first ride and the tyres were both flat within metres.  :D

We've had stormy weather here the last few days, which we love, and plenty of rain, which we love even more.  Mum's maple is looking a bit battered now but on Thursday it looked like this.  It's the best colour it has ever had!

I saw our baby Magpie the other day. Had been a bit worried as hadn't seen her for a while, but there she is.  You can see she looks more like a grown up now, but her breast is still baby-grey.  I call her 'her' but really we won't know if she is a boy or girl until the feathers of her back either go white (boy) or stay mottled black and white (girl or immature). 
Not a great photo, I know, but she is more wary than her mother, who is looking fantastic now she is over the stress of child-rearing.  I know it is mama because she is the tamest of the family and she has a slight limp.
Cyrano is very happy that the lowering sun has started slanting in onto his bed by my computer again.  :)
Sokka the doll, pattern by Becky Ann Smith is all finished and ready to send off to his new home. I don't have to send him just yet though! I can enjoy him a little longer yet.

Yesterday some lovely friends of ours, that we haven't seen for a decade at least, made the trek up to the hills to see us.  Amazing how time swept away and it was like we'd been together a week ago, not a decade ago. Gavin has been so supportive of my writing journey (and is a fellow spiralling mind to talk interesting thoughts of all kinds over with) and his wife Julie is just an all-around gorgeous human being.  It was so lovely to spend time with them!

I know we all complain about Facebook, but it really has helped me keep in touch with old friends like Gav and Jules, despite my years of illness. For those who are kept close to home for various reasons, life can become very isolated, and Facebook and the internet in general can be a true blessing.  It's no substitute for a hug, but it helps!

I got to show them my books, all lined up in a row on our book shelves.  Always the artist, I rather fancied the spines forming a rainbow of colours, so that's what I designed them to do.  Wonder what the next spine colour will be?

We went out with the Volunteer Fire Brigade again on Friday night. It was our first night-time fuel reduction burn.  Must get Andrew to take a pic of me so I can prove I was there getting dirty too!  In the meantime, here he is. I like the effect of the fire, flash and reflective gear.

The home fire has been burning too.  We lit it for the first time in six months, and it took Rosie and Tuppence mere minutes to get settled in front of it. They do love a cosy fire.

I hope things are cosy round your way as well, and that good friends and interesting things to do are both abundant in your life!



  1. Oh, hard leathery feet - such a badge of honour! I was jealous of my country cousins' ability to walk across stones without an ouch :-)

    1. By the time we came back to live the city, we had red foot bottoms with tiny holes all over the, and we could just stop, brush the prickle off on the ground, and keep running. :)

      Must admit the gravel and honky nut country where we live now has got me beaten. I try to be as close to barefoot as I can but can't go actually bare outside much as is just too foot-hurty!


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