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Monday, 24 April 2017

Is That a...

We were having a morning tea picnic down in the paddock and what did we see down there but...

Is that a...  chicken?  All the way over there?  Yes!  It's naughty Spotty, who has been making a lot of morning forays into the world before I have let them out for the afternoon.  She is really getting cheeky being this far away from the pen, though, and I rarely see them risk hawks or eagles by coming out into the open like this.

Thinks she'd decided discretion was the better choice too, because soon after I took this pic she was making a beeline for home.   Heh heh, those three youngsters can run.  :D

The Virginia Creeper took its time deciding it was Autumn this year,  but has now gone red in only a couple of days.   Ahhh, I will never tire of seeing this.

There has been quite a lot of this going on:

The weather continues to be lovely.  We have had some absolutely beautiful clouds, with thunderstorms around, but none making it here to rain directly over us. I love how these big thunderheads seem grow and roil upwards.

Google keeps sending me these animations. Sometimes they are so funny!

As usual, I was taking lots of pics trying to capture both dogs looking gorgeous at once.  Actually Rosie is blinking in this one but it does kind of look like she is smiling and being goofy, while Tuppy is her usual alert self.

I had some Shaman healing done for me yesterday and some nasties got removed along with some other work being done.  Hopefully I will begin to perk up soon. Feel better already and had such a lovely calm evening last night.  After a lot of night-time anxiety lately, it is a gift beyond price.  Thanks Frances! 


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