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Friday, 14 April 2017

A Varied Week of Interestingness.

I enjoy weeks like this.  There was lots of variety.

There was an artist's date with myself to the lovely garden of Kinfolk Cafe to begin writing the song I want to add to my OBOD Ovate Review.  It really does help to get into a creative space if you take yourself somewhere away from the usual distractions.

I came away feeling peaceful, with the bones of my song already written.  The lovely piece of GF chocolate cake was an added bonus!

We began making a Wickerman (lucerne tree man?) ready for the Druidy midwinter bonfire we are having this year.  It is our first go at such a thing, so we aren't being too ambitious. Those things can get really big, but ours is only a bit taller than Andrew.  By midwinter he should be all nice and dry and crackly, ready to burn.

I did a bit more work on him today and when I looked at this photo I took, his face looks a bit scary now!  Yikes!

We took our brigade up to our block to do some hazard reduction burning on Wednesday, just under an area of ghosty gums that drop masses of leaves, bark and twigs. It needed it.  The cover was a bit thick so the fire burned pretty hot at times.  You can see the area to be burned here in this pic showing Andrew teaching Ziana how to use the 'firebug'.

The fuel load was so thick that we even got a mini fire tornado on this spot!

 But it was soon all burned and carefully blacked out by our friends.  Thanks guys!

I like this pic of Jenny through the smoke and flames.

And I love this pic that Michelle got of Jen and I.

Heh heh.  Yellow Vader!

Midweek, just as the sun was about to go behind the trees, we took a blankie down to the paddock and had an impromptu picnic.  Here is Rosie enjoying some popcorn on a 'one for me one for you' basis.      

Today was Good Friday, a public holiday here.  We had a jolly lunch at mum's.

It was lovely to see my niece, Teelah, having a bit of fun with Shannon with matching dyed red hair!  You have to have a bit of fun, don't you, and it is always good to see a young fella who can relax enough to let his hair down, so to speak.  :D      

Then, when Jen's family got home, they found this little guy, Ollie, down with colic, so it was all hands on deck to keep him up and moving until the vet got there.  Here he is happily full of pain killers and acting like he is all better.  Hopefully he'll be fine now.  I must say, the worry of colic is one of things I really don't miss now I don't have horses.

Fingers crossed for little Ollie!         


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