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Friday, 10 February 2017

Wild Weather and This and That.

Mum has a wisteria growing over her back pergola area. For years a Bronzewing Pigeon has made nests there, but we have never seen a baby before. This time, we did, though she or he is already quite well grown.  We didn't get too close but they are very used to us being around them and weren't too worried, just watched us.  How adorable is this?

Here in Western Australia, we've just had three months worth of rain in two days.  It is so odd!  Yesterday was the coldest February day on record at 17C, about 67F.   On the 31st of January we even had a fire in our potbelly!  Unheard of for this time of year, in fact it's not usally safe to do in summer, but the whole place was soaked, so we thought it would be ok.  the stone walls of the cottage have a lot of mass but once they get cold or hot, they stay that way, and if cold, the stone seems to leach chill into the room.  I see why stone castles used large tapestries on their walls as much as possible. 

The dogs and I have still gone walking.  We love it cool!  This is a bush reserve out south of the town.  I hadn't been up this track before and really enjoyed it.
   You can't really capture the feel of it with a photo so I took a little bit of video.  You'll just have to imagine the smell of eucalyptus and the bracing feel of the cool, swirly wind.

I've finished Cyrano the kitty's special little lap afghan, but last night someone else was enjoying it while snuggling up to daddy.
That Tuppy, this is her idea of snuggling. No lap climbing or huggles for her, but she will rest her head against you and let you pat her ear area if you are very privileged.

My next project is an afghan for my youngest niece.  We went and chose colours this week, since it wasn't much of a secret, what with both her sisters already receiving an afghan from me!  I like the colours she picked.  I'm looking forward to starting to work with them.  This time it is one big square.  No joining.  Yay!

   Isn't that a pretty combo of colours?

New family dog, Pippa is settling in well but she blotted her copy book this week by leading Kelly with her and going for a run up the road when Jen took her eye off them to saddle her horse. Thanks to the power of Facebook, they were soon home safely, and Jen only had a few more years taken  off her life as a result.  They were in no way upset about being lost, they were actually quite pleased with themselves.

 Cheeky buggers!  Having had two occasions in my life where a lost dog story didn't end so well, it always chills me to the bone to hear one of our family dogs is missing.  Luckily it very rarely happens to us, but every doggy family has slip-ups occasionally.   What happens after that is just down to luck, or lack of it.   This time, Kelly and Pippa got lucky.  May it always be so!



  1. 67 degrees is chilly?? The world really is upside-down down there:) It was -13 here last night. Want to trade for a while?

    1. Dancing donkey, I would love to trade but only until the first time I had to dig a trail through the snow from the house across to the barn and carry buckets of water down it. :D


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