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Monday, 6 February 2017

Nature, nature all around. And Labradors.

A gecko I found when I was sweeping out the fire-station.  I popped him into a plastic salad bowl to take him safely outside without scaring him into dropping his tail, and only after taking in photos did I realise I had created a masterpiece of surrealism.   

All six of my chooks in one small space.  Unusual. Usually, when let out, they go off like shots, looking or the best places to scratch, especially the youngsters.  That is Rover in the foreground, doing a good impression of a carnivorous dinosaur.  She's extra leggy and does the best dinosaur runs.

And this is dear old Nanny Ogg.  I try not to love my chickens but I can't help loving her.  She is so beautiful, fat and funny.

Tuppy was doing a particularly soft expression for her the other night and I managed to capture it.

And this is her patient face. 
This tree was positively glowing in the sunset as we walked by the other evening.  

The nieces had a lovely lesson on Sunday morning and I went along to take pics.  I think these are my faves...

That little Ollie.  Such a stunner and such a good boy. He LOVES to jump. Mahlee is gorgeous eye candy too.  They are such pretty ponies, both of them.

I'm not very chatty today, I know  We've just spent the weekend making our way through all three Hobbit movies and I'm feeling a bit shell-shocked. For someone who first read The Hobbit at 9 and has loved it ever since, I do find the movies hard to take in places.  I'm of course not always a fan of the changes they made, and there is way too much video game style fighting in it, but I like other things about what they've done, especially the addition of the kick-ass Tauriel, The very druidy Radagast the Brown, and the lovely way they have emphasised the concepts of loyalty and honour.  Ah well, will have to go back to the book now to remind myself how it should really go!!   

This is pretty Sprout, the cat who lives at the local vet surgery. He is a total character, and very outgoing. The perfect cat for a busy vet practice.

Don't worry, there was no emergency, we were just in to get a urine check for Rosie to make sure her bladder infection from a couple of months back hasn't returned. 




  1. You took such a beautiful pictures!!! I really liked your post, especially the beautiful masterpiece of surrealism you created. Very nice art work:)


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