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Thursday, 22 December 2016

It's My Birfday!

51 years old!  Does anyone ever think, when they are young, that they will get to be this old? It doesn't feel so old from this side, and yet at the same time it seems like forever.

I'm still recovering from 'the op' and there has been a lot of this going on. 

Cyrano kitty loves this stage of making an afghan.  Think I'll have to make him his own little one for extra happy lap sitting events in between afghans!  It will have to be blue to set his lovely colour off best, though.   

This is my view.

Yes he's purring.  :)

And the inevitable selfie...

Hee hee, funny kitty face!

It's stupidly hot here, of course, but Pilgrim just brought out a video for their lovely song, "For Winter." It is perfect for this time of year for you Northern Hemisphere types!

Not much other news.  My baby chookies are growing up. they all have very different personalities to go with their different colours.  Red Rover is boldest and is sooo tall and brightly-coloured, I think she is throwing back to a proper Rhode Island Red.  That's her in front, then Spot, who is still a bit flighty, and Fido who is middle of the road for colour and nature.  Soon they can come out to free range with the big chooks but I want to make sure they aren't too fluttery and peepy to tempt the dogs.

Work on the newest book is going well.  Here's an early rough sketch of the cover art.

Lots of action going on there!  I'm further along now, but will save further stages for a surprise when it's done. 

Happy Christmas, or Alban Hefin, or however you want to name the solstice holiday season. Make it good.  Fill it with love and joy.  Do your best to avoid expectations of perfection and enjoy it however it comes.  That way lies happiness!

  (As does getting treats for sitting nicely for mummy to take a photo...)



  1. Happy Birthday Tina!! 51 years old...I've got you beat by a few years old gal. :) I'll be turning 57 on Jan. 21 - whew! No, I never thought it, but here we are. It feels pretty good actually, no real complaints. Just don't look as good as I once did, can still do pretty much everything, just slower and more carefully now. But like the song says, "I'm as good once, as I ever was". After that, I need a soak in a hot tub. Hope you enjoyed your day and were treated to something special. I enjoyed that song, quite nice. Oh, we've inherited some chickens! I've always wanted some, and now here they are. Neighbors moved and abandoned them, and they've sort of adopted us. We're trying to make suitable accommodations for them, have bought feed and such, but they are pretty wild. So much fun watching them though! The hawks or coyotes have gotten a few of them, but there are 8-13 on any given day.

    1. Yes I'm not so inclined to just put my back into tough jobs a bit harder these days, because some part of me might not survive it! :D I love chookies. They are endlessly fun to watch and seem to enjoy their live so much and be quite the optimists. At least, my orange chooks do. Nanny Ogg is a bit more of a worrier!


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