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Sunday, 9 October 2016

What a Sistery Weekend!

Well that weekend went by in a flurry!  I picked PJ up on Friday arvo and we kept busy for most of the time apart from when we both crashed out for naps.

On Saturday morning we went to Fireys, and it was fun to have PJ there to help us with the vehicle checks.  It was raining a lot but we still had a good time.  

Saturday night all the ladies of the family went out for niece Molly's coming of age dinner. It's a nice tradition that we have.

Two gorgeous grown up girls, one to go!  

On Saturday arvo PJ and I headed out into the stormy weather to go find a gift for Molly. We went across the hills to Kalamunda and came across this cool bit of yarn bombing.

So bright and fun on a very dark day!

I believe it's not great for the trees to leave them on for too long but I'm sure the trees don't mind it for a while and probably actually enjoy the attention, though I didn't think to ask this one if it did! 

Sunday PJ went for a long walk to the local water-slides in the local national park with our sister, Jen, and niece, Niamh.   It's an amazing place.  I've taken pics there before

Niamh is catching up to PJ, who is a bit taller than me.  

Yes that's my home-made slouchie beanie. PJ, child of the hot QLD climate, was freezing here in our unseasonally wintery weather so we had to rug her up a bit more!

Missing her own little Zella, PJ got to have lovely cuddles with the family pets, including Kelly and Fergus.

Sunday arvo we three mad sisters had a great time playing musical instruments and singing together.

After that we went for a walk round Jen's firebreak, and I got this pic of Kelly and one of the lovely kangaroo paws that grows in the bush at her place.   The Kelly bit was accidental.  :D

Then when the nieces got home from rehearsing their latest play,  PJ got to have a drumming lesson from Molly and then a violin lesson from Niamh.

Jen and I think she's a natural and Niamh did a great job of explaining.

After that it was back to our place for a rest, and then we had a final dinner before we dropped PJ at the airport this morning.  It was a short but sweet visit!  Come back soon sis!         




  1. Your Lab' looks just like our late Monty. What characters they are!

    1. Hi Cro, thanks for dropping in! Yes I remember seeing pics of Monty and they are similar indeed. Kelly was bred by my mum and I own his half sister and niece. He is a sweetheart!

  2. Lovely weekend I bet it felt too short! Music in the family still.....
    Haven't seen PJ since she got home... she's working again. Jill

  3. This is still the highlight off my year. :)


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