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Monday, 3 October 2016

Introducing Rosie and Tuppence

Well, I'm still sick and currently feel like the boringest person in the world, so here's an early post from when my blog wasn't read by many people.  It's about my Rosie and Tuppence and was firs tposted in Dec 2014, only my second post ever.    

So I say in my label up there that I'm a dog nut. I must say I'm not exaggerating.  All my life I've loved dogs and needed a dog by my side to feel 'normal'.  It seems as natural to me as breathing.

I've had some amazing dogs in my life, and I still miss every one of them.  Maybe I'll do a post about them one day. In the meantime, these two darlings are my current companions.

This is my sweet Rosie.  She was bred by my mum who is a registered breeder but only has a litter very rarely. The pups were born into my hands as the mum, Tess, wasn't keen on lying down to have her babies!

Rosie decided she was my girl from about four weeks old and who was I to argue? We've done lots of fun stuff together and she is always by my side.

Then when Rosie was three and a half, we bred her to a very nice boy called Punch.

  We kept a girl puppy called Tuppence.  She is rather different to her gentle mum.  She's lively, a bit twitchy at times, but super smart and great fun to train.

     She and her mum are great friends, which is lovely.  This was painted from a photo I caught of them snuggled together on the bed.   

They're peas in the pod, to the point where it is a bit hard to tell them apart at night or in dim light.   :)

Mum calls them my Black Watch after the Scottish troop of the same name,  because wherever I go there they are, trusty and true!


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