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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Life Returns!

Well I'm finally starting to feel human again.  That is some evil flu bug.

I'm still not writing.  I'll start next week.  This weekend we've got my sister from Queensland visiting.  I go to pick her up this arvo.  Yay!

Wednesday I did manage to drag my carcass up to the block and plant this oak tree seedling.  It was grown from an acorn from the local giant oak by a firey friend.  Good luck little baby in your tree guard!

From that tiny beginning, to maybe one day, the size of your mama!

It's not likely, because mama has ideal growing conditions which the new baby will not, but you never know. 

The block was looking lovely on that beautiful spring morning.  I managed a bit of a stagger around after planting the seedling. 

The shimmer grass was catching the light beautifully.

It's probably some hideous introduced species and I should murder it, but it looks so pretty with sun and a gentle breeze making it dance and shine, and it doesn't seem to have spread much so far. 

The Mouse Ears (Calothamnus Rupestra) are flowering. 

And the "Bastard bush" ( Variegated-Leafed Hakea) is still going strong in our shelter belts.  I planted all of the plants here a few years back.  It is so lovely to see them thrive.

This baby Jarrah, three years old now, is thriving and beginning to develop adult stripy bark on the trunk. It is funny to see the change of bark so delineated, rough to smooth, in a sharp line. 

It's taller than me now!  My little baby is growing up!


I took a bit of video to give you an idea of how lovely it was sitting there after planting the tree, with the sun shining and all the birds singing and the dogs happily panting.


The professional photos from the DFES firefighter's awards breakfast became available.  I thought this one was a lovely one of all the brigade members who went to support Angus.

We didn't even plan it to end up so nicely colour co-ordinated, it just happened.  :D

I'm very proud of Andrew this week.  He has started a new job as acting Fire Hazard Inspection Officer for the local Shire.  How cool is that?  After years of long exhausting trips to and from work in the centre of Perth, now he can be at work within five minutes of leaving home!  I love knowing he is buzzing about nearby, and he is loving being an even bigger part of his local community,  and in keeping people safe from bushfires.

I'm also proud of sister PJ!  She is actually over here because her work for her local government was shortlisted for a prestigious award, and last night she won it! Woo hoo!  2016 Economic Development National Awards for Excellence: Digital Entrepreneurs Category.  Woo hoo!  I'm so inspired by both of my gorgeous, intelligent, live-wire sissies.  I got really, really lucky in the sibling (and husband) lottery, that's for sure!

 See you soon PJ!



  1. I love the photo with Angus! You lot all look swish, and very much like a tight knit team. <3 Thanks for the kind words about the award too. xxx

    1. Thanks PJ. Yes we did look very smart. The Hillbillies brushed up good! :D

  2. Congrats to Andrew and to your sister (which I only know about from earlier blog posts! And Jules only just found out about!) Lovely to hear the maggies up at your block. Would love to go there with you one day.

    1. Absolutely! Should have thought of it before! Yes PJ is our secret sister who lives about as far away in Australia as you can get from Perth. :)

    2. In a town called Yepoon that I suspect you and Julie would adore!


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