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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Notes to Self.

I have a note stuck here beside the computer in front of me that says,

"Have fun with Land of Giants. If you don't, who else will?"

I like to write myself little motivational notes, but you need to keep changing them or you stop seeing them.  For the time I was writing the Freya sequel, I had one up that said.

"Choose the wildest option. Freya would!"

(And I totally did!)

Two 'notes to self,' on my wall to the left of here that don't change are one that says,

 "Dear Brave soul: finish one thing, dammit. With love, Dr E. " (Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

And one that says,

"Just do the work and remember that I love you." (Odin.)

No, he doesn't mind this picture, or any other one. 
Above those two notes is one that says, "I release the need to be afraid."

And another that says,

"Listen, you are meant to matter." (Durga Holtzhauser)

Another note to self that I really like is one given to me by my Mickel Therapy Practitioner:

"Self Esteem is seeing yourself as God sees you, nothing more, nothing less."

Her God is different to my gods, but it still works for me.

Cool art by Joseph Weston

Just do the work and remember that your god loves you.  And, finish one thing, dammit!

What notes do you keep around to inspire your work and life?    



  1. I love your inspirational notes! You've got some that I might even like to borrow. I have so many that I've taken to heart at different times, but none that I'm currently using. Good post!

    1. Thanks Lorie! I have a book where I write my favorites down, too!

  2. Well after reading this I needed a motivational note up and fast. Why had I never done this? So jumped at it and wrote it out. Posted and now every once in awhile I have to shout out, "Choose your loves, dammit!"


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