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Friday, 22 July 2016

Great Danes, Monsters and Men.

Another busy week.  I keep saying that, I know.  I'm not trying not make a virtue of it.  Damh the Bard's blog post the other week was on an article he wrote about how people make a virtue about being busy nowadays. Actually, I am kind of glad that I CAN be busy these days and not flop into a heap of goo in the middle of it all.

When I have sat down for quiet time this week, I've been making daisy squares for the afghan I'm making, and listening to Bram Stoker's Dracula audiobook, or I'm reading the second book of the Expanse series by James S. A. Corey on kindle.  This is the first book in case you want to hunt it out, which I recommend that you do.

Man these are great books, fantastic space opera, but with totally cool woman characters and complex characters all round.  Best Sci Fi I ever read.  Thanks for putting me onto them, Cuz!

If we sit quietly enough, this little guy or gal, a Quenda, also known as a Bandicoot, sneaks out from under the railway carriage next to the cottage and does a bit of daytime insect hunting to make a change from nocturnal diggings. Pics taken very quietly from inside.  

I hope he or she is smart enough to keep out of the clutches of the dogs.  At least she's picked a good, safe hidey hole to run back to.

This marvelous gnarly old Marri tree was beside the trail on one of our walks this week.  Look how strongly he leans and holds himself up, despite his great weight and age!  I know you have to tilt your head but it was the only way to get him into the shot!

Andrew vibrated all his lyme bugs into doing him damage this week, while compacting on the driveway for the fire station ready for it to be concreted. Must be a bit like those rife machines that kill them with certain frequencies.  I've noticed the same thing using the brush cutter.  You herx.  It's weird. 

We popped back up to the station this morning after our dog walk and they were busy pouring the concrete.

No more bumpy turnouts!   Yay!

Writing on Land of Giants has gone well this week.  Over the 65 000 mark and it is really flowing well now.  We are deep into both action and feeeeeelings!  Oh my!

We also visited our friend Suzy this week. She has a new Great Dane puppy, Ruth the Harlequin, and we went to go see the new baby, and give Suzy some of my excess kefir grains.  Woody, who was a puppy last time we visited, has pretty much doubled in size at nine months, and man, when he jumps up, he towers well above my head.  So funny for him to be such a goobery puppy, but sooo huge!

Andrew had a lot of fun with all the dogs, even though at one point he and, I think, Murphy knocked heads.

Sweet Rumour is still my favorite. She liked her ear rubs from Andrew.

We both loved little Ruth's confidence and sweetness too.

And little Gizmo made sure he got lots and lots of cuddles from the best dog-patter in the West!

Niamh and I went looking at Of Monsters and Men videos yesterday. The first album had the most amazing fantasy videos, including mind opening lyric videos that just repeat and repeat but somehow blow my mind. This one reminded me of Bunyip Dreaming, though the creatures aren't the same as my Broofers.

This is the video I looked out for Niamh because I knew she'd love it.

I play this song on guitar. The first time I heard it I knew it was a song for Andrew and I:  King and Lionheart.

The second album is just as beautiful.  The official lyric videos have been blowing my mind again. Such a simple concept: Have other people mime/sing the songs.  Such passion and beauty is what came of it. Love them all but this one really struck me.            

 Ahhh, music, what would I do without you?  Not delight, dance or cry as often, that's for sure!      

Tomorrow night we are going to try for a bonfire in the bottom paddock.  The forecast is looking a bit dodgy, but the mulligatawny soup is all made ready to go. Fingers crossed!    



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