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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Anniversaries, Margaritas and Cats.

It is mine and Andrew's 19th Anniversary of being together, today.  Last night we went all the way to Cottesloe Beach on a date to celebrate.

The sea was so obliging.  The water was calm and beautiful.  We had our first swim in ages, then got changed into our glad rags and went up into the Indiana Teahouse.

This pic from here

This photo by Marc Russo
It's a bit of an institution in Perth.  It must have been built before the rules came in to protect the beaches from building, so it holds a very special place, being right on the water as it is.

We had a table right by the windows but someone seated closely next to us had strong perfume on, so we moved.  Always a risk when you go out with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. (Thanks again Lyme disease, for all you've done for me!) Ah well, we liked our second table better anyway!

The view was to die for.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was lovely. We didn't go silly, but Andrew did have a margarita. 

And we got to watch a couple right in front of us get engaged. It was so sweet and very  fun for a pair of old crusties to get to see young love in action!

As the sun set the view got even better.

The colours!  The colours!  Made my little artist heart happy!  We are rather sunset deprived up in the hills because the sun goes behind trees very quickly, so this was just wonderful.

After very nice main courses and a shared yummy desert, we pottered along the shore-front.  

Then it was time to head all the way home again, to where our dogs and Cyrano were very glad to see us.  The dogs had been over visiting Grandma, so they were ok, but kitty misses us when we go out too.

 Do you think he will achieve total roundness as he gets older?  He assures me it is all fur.  A fat kitty is fine by me.  No bird hunting!

I also feel rather celebratory because my ninth book, Freya and Hairy Goddess, is up on Kindle now, and will be available in print form soon.  There will be a special offer on the first Freya book next weekend, so I think I'll launch this book and announce the offer at the same time next Friday.

Do you think I should have a big party when I publish my tenth book?  Won't be long now.  I just have to edit Heroic Plans.  Think I will do that and get it up and running before starting to write the sequel to Land of Fire. I have a feeling that particular story might take quite a while to write!      

Other stuff this week.  We've been to one small fire call-out this morning, and twice this week we went out painting H's on the road to mark hydrants and power poles for our Brigade.  The easier they are to find, the quicker we can fill up and get back to a fire.

It's kind of fun pottering about the local roads in the trusty Light Tanker.  Amazing how much of a friend that vehicle has become.  I love Land Cruisers.

Don't tell our lovely Mr Whippy the Commodore that, though.  Mr Whippy has been a true-blue, reliable car for us all along.  It's not his fault that he replaced our creaky old Cruiser, Bruce, and he's a hell of a lot faster and more comfortable!            


  1. Looks & sounds like a beautiful week. Happy Anniversary! And yes, I think you should have a party for your 10th book! Most certainly...

    1. Excellent! You are invited, Marigold, if you can drag yourself away from Mr Treadwell!

  2. Replies
    1. I had one sip but got a flashback to too many tequila slammers in my ill-spent youth. :D

  3. Happy anniversary!! Infinite blessings to you and Andrew. Happiness and many years of love and friendship.

    And big Yes to the party! Let's celebrate your precious creation, Inspiratrix!! I'm in!


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