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Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Thundery Dog Walk in the Bush.

I've been doing a nature challenge on Facebook this past few days.  Seven days of sharing time you spend in nature each day.  Easy for me as I do it all the time, just had to take a camera along.

This morning we woke to the sound of thunder and rain.  I wish you could smell with me how alive all the eucalypts are after their lovely drink!

We took our dogs for their usual morning walk and I took my little snappy camera along to take some pics.

Tuppy blotted her copybook by having a go at a Boxer out there recently so she's on a long lead until we can sort out her issues a bit better.  She can be a snippy little so and so.  I don't think she minds, actually.  She has more of a steady boundary with the long lead, and I think she feels calmer.  We do too.  Excitable beast that she is, she is a bit of a bugger for suddenly dashing off if she hears or smells anything interesting, so we can relax more as well when she is on lead.  The long lead is a good compromise.  She loves it that daddy comes for walks every day now he is on his looooong holiday. Rosie and I do too!      

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  1. Tuppy is beautiful! What an enchanting place to walk - I would love that. So pretty with all the trees. And I really do wish I could smell the rain and eucalyptus with you!! :) Charlotte has found her voice lately, and boy HAS she found it! Her voice has gotten much deeper and she's totally into hearing herself bark. Oh joy...she was spayed yesterday and did well. But, doc reports she barked all day long. Never did stop for 9 hours, and was a traumatic day for her. She's doing much better today.


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