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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Where I write

Freya and the Golden Bear was written on a typewriter, Land of Fire was partly written while in a hammock on one of the best verandahs ever, but all my writing is now done in front of the computer.  (Apart from what I do in my head as I go about the rest of my day!) 

This is my corner of the magic cottage we live in: 

  I guess some writers might find all this colour and mess distracting, but I don't. I find it cheerful and inspiring.  This is the wall on my left shoulder as I sit here.  It is mostly my art, photos, and inspiring notes and quotes I write for myself, plus one vintage book plate I found of a Lab who looks just like my Rosie, and two misty scenes by a British artist called John Wakefield.  They are so evocative and so unlike my own country of bright light.

Those are some of my Amigurumi friends that sit there to keep me company.  I also have my dogs, who are usually either on our bed that it just to my right here, or under the desk on the dogbed, or behind me on the cool floor.  This pic also has my dear departed Buffy in it as well as the two Labbie girls.  

Mr Fitty Kitty, Cyrano, spent so much time with me, sitting and lying all over my desk in uncomfortable fashion, that I made him a bed on the table that is between me and our bed so he could sit with me in comfort.      

     Yes he's a fat kitty, hence his nickname of Fitty, short for fat kitty!  He's a rescue cat and like a lot of rescues, he never misses a meal in case the next one might not come along!

This is my view out the window.  It's only into the grapevine that we have growing out there, but at some times of the year I can see the tiny Silver-eyes hopping about eating the tiny grapes that grow on it. A few times I've even seen a little mouse on a cheeky daylight mission after the same grapes! In winter when the vine is sleeping, I can see out past the bare canes to the tops of the Marri and Jarrah trees. It's enough of the outside that I don't feel trapped, but not so much that it distracts me from my writing for too long.

Of course, if I turn around I can see all the rest of our living space!  It's one of the advantages of living in one room. I've never been one who needed silence or alone-ness  to write.  In fact when we've lived elsewhere and I've had a lovely room set up just for my art and writing, I've ended up working at the kitchen table!

Where do you write, make art or do your craft?  I find it fascinating, all the different places people sit to find their muse!  So do other people, so much so that there are whole sites on the subject!          


  1. One thing I find very interesting is that you, being primarily a writer, surround yourself with art and I, being primarily an artist surround myself with words. My work space is in my dining room (facing a large window to the back yard) where my computer is in one corner and my art table in another. Mind you, the room is small enough that the two areas seem like one. I have a lot of pieces of paper taped to walls and supply cabinets with interesting quotes that inspire me and books are everywhere, but only one piece of art - a simple goddess figure done by a friend. My hubby also runs his business out of the same room so it definitely isn't a quiet secluded place. And yes, we do eat there as well. I don't actually live in one room as you do but most of the time it feels as if I do.

    I especially like how you gave your kitty his own space near you. My little dog has a bed under my computer desk.

  2. I need my animals companions nearby if I'm to be happy. :)

    I'm currently reading a book on watercolour painting. It's very good! With your comment in mind, I noticed in the pic of her studio that she has no art on the walls that you can see, though she says has a couch and many art books in there that she likes to read as inspiration. It's this book, in case you are interested. Her WCs are so good! I hope a few of her skills rub off on me! :)


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