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Friday, 2 January 2015

Favorite music to write to: Missy Higgins

When I write, I like to have music playing to help me keep focused. I tend to find that I do best with stuff that hasn't got too driving a beat, so I keep a special itunes folder of gentle, medieval or folky tunes called Music to Write To and I let that shuffle around.

Way back when, before I discovered shuffle, Missy Higgins' album, The Sound of White, was one of my favorite albums to write to and it is still in my shuffle list now.  Her music is beautiful and evocative.  I love to write to it.

Missy is an Australian musician, and so talented.

The feel of her music creeps into my writing at times, I know.  Sometimes I read back and feel it there.  Sometimes, hearing a song like Ten Days as I'm driving or working about the place, can bring back a feeling of when I was writing a certain part of one of my books, and I have this weird sensation of being both at my computer, and yet in the story, and hearing the music, all at once, and yes that feels pretty strange.  :)

This video clip for The Special Two, I love it. It reminds me of Lily's house in Land of Fire, though that house is actually based on a party I went to once.  It's such a clever video and so somehow Australian. I love the somewhat wistful feel of it, and the way it is all shot in one go, and just how casual and cool Missy is.  She is a true laid back Aussie.  :) 


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