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Friday, 7 April 2017

"King and Lionheart"

The first time I heard this song by Of monsters and Men, it became Andrew's and my song.  It reminded me of our courage during all the Lyme years of desperate illness, of the way we have managed to stay together and stay loving, despite the difficulties that life threw at us. 

It's also one of my fave songs to play on the guitar. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

The pics we got of us at a fire this week are rather apt here.  This is Andrew being the Crewleader of our team.  He always has an air of kingliness, with his calm dignity, presence and honorable nature.  I think this pics captures him well.  He looks like a modern Knight.

And this is me, the Lionheart. Scared of stuff all the time; big stuff, little stuff, all the stuff,  but out there doing it anyway with as good a will and spirit as I can.

King and Lionheart. Yep, it still fits.

Or, as we decided we should be nicknamed the other night, Blaze and Smutty.  :D




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