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Thursday, 16 February 2017


Niamh's Afghan is coming along.  I love being able to show you the stages as it goes, and I love the colours.  As mum says, it currently looks like it is made of jewels!

The Proof copy of Land of Giants arrived today.  I love the cover.  It worked!  Yay!  Now I have two matching books in the series, also rather jewel-like, especially when put together.

Painted covers are rather out of fashion in this age of computer graphics, but I do like them, and love how bright all my books look on the bookshelf together. As a bonus of being a self-published author, I get to do what I like.  :)

This gorgeous dog came to the same cafe as us this week. I think he just has the loveliest expression, very like my Keech. Very self aware and conscious and kind.   I didn't go to see him as we had our two silly-buggers with us, but I took photos to show you.  I am such a sucker for black and tan, especially when you add some white.

Doesn't he look like a lovey?  So handsome too, and when he puts his ears up, one is right up and one is only halfway, which is totally charming as well.  :)

Our beautiful local forest is very green just now after all the rain we have had.  On Tuesday we went on the walk down by the King Jarrah that I call the Faraway tree. Tuppy had to be on her long lead because there are lots of roos out there.


Ahh, the Magnificent Faraway Tree is always bigger than you remember!  So hard to capture in a photo, but here I have joined two together to give you a bit of an idea.

The rest of that bit of forest is rather lovely too. Here is another ancient, character-filled  Jarrah on the same south-facing slope. 

I've just discovered and really been enjoying the talent of this young feller, Sigrbodr Gretarrson this week.  Here he is playing the harp.

And here he is playing guitar, a fantastic version of Wardruna's Helvegen.

Amazing!   Colour comes in sound too.  Don't you just love following the music trail on youtube?      



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