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Monday, 20 February 2017

Chickens and green green grass

It's rained so much, the grass has grown in the paddock!  Who would ever think of such a thing in February!

The chicken's egg yolks have darkened up immensely with access to the green pick, and of course they love it.  They can't wait to get out for their free range time!

Nanny Ogg and Spotty.

Pretty Rover.   
It's weird to have green grass at the same time as the Marri trees are flowering.  This old beauty lives across the road from our gate.  Sadly, I call it the Penis Tree because it has a rather unfortunate stump of dead branch left standing up.   What can I say?  I'm all class! :D

Andrew had some more practice at crew-leading at the brigade on Saturday, with Mirline and Andy for crew here.  No real bushfire, just training.  The cool wet weather has kept fires in the state to minimum.  That's ok, we're happy to stick to training!

This week I felt ready to put my Firey availability back to green for the first time since last year, so am very pleased about that, though I might find it hard to get a place in the trucks with so many keen people now joined up and trained. Our brigade is a nine days' wonder in the Shire because we have had 14 (I think) new members in a single year!  Yay us!  I feel it is the friendly and supportive atmosphere we are building that is doing the trick, and we have every intent of keeping that going.

Niamh's blankie now looks like this:  

I'm enjoying making it, just crocheting away contentedly and choosing from the colours as I go with only a very vague idea of having some busy areas and some calmer areas.

These two are enjoying the cooler weather.   Labs are no fans of the heat, especially black ones!



  1. The chickens are so beautiful! I can imagine how much fun they might be having with all that green area to explore!

    The weather here is hot again. And dry at the moment. It's rare to have dry weather during the summer - it rained only once in one week -, but the weather people are telling us that the rain will be back by friday. Yay! Well, the majority of my fellow brazilians are definitely not celebrating the rain coming back on friday because it's when the carnaval starts, but we don't go out during the carnaval, so for us is a big Yay. hehehe

    Celebrating the expansion of the Brigade with you! Yay Fireys!!

    Niamh's blankie has a blissful energy. ❤

    *Aunty Bá kisses those cute lab noses*

    I love your blog!

    Huge hug

  2. Lots of good stuff here! Your weather, having rain, happy chickens, training instead of putting out fires and your beautiful, happy dogs!! I'd love to listen to you talk, some of your words are so fun. You actually have a Shire! :) You Aussie girl! Love it! Speaking of rain...we are ready to join in a brigade for ark building. So much water everywhere. And mud. Yuck!

    1. We do indeed live in the Shire, just not THE Shire. :D


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