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Sunday, 18 December 2016

So Close to Christmas.

Blogger not letting me post photos for some reason today so you'll have to make do with a couple of links to music videos.  

Things are a still bit quiet around here, as you might expect, while all around me busy Christmas people buzz around like blue-arse flies, as the lovely Aussie saying would have it.  I get a bit frustrated, but I know it is finite, unlike in the lyme disease days, so I am managing.

I've started work on the cover for Land of Giants more seriously, and am on my way with drawings now.  Not past the dread of the white page yet, but pushing through.  The novel-writing bit of all this definitely comes more easily to me!

Musically, I had a lot of fun yesterday beginning to work out my next song on the Anglo-Saxon Lyre, a cover of this cracking good bit of music by Hauk.  For some reason, Mondream really takes well to metal songs, as do I, and together my lyre and I have got a good bit of it worked out.  Will be a while before it is ready to video, though, so here is the original for you to enjoy in the meantime.  Epic!    

Speaking of cracking good music, here is Brian Henke, who can make a guitar do things I never could in a million years. Very different to Hauk, but so atmospheric and beautiful.

Was a lot chuffed to find out that the video of my cover of Damh the Bard's, "Cauldron Born" on the lyre has been added to somebody's playlist. I've arrived.  :D


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