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Friday, 2 December 2016

Smoke and Blossoms

The Jarrah trees up the block are flowering. I planted this darling about five years ago and she is more than twice my height now.  This year she has really gone to town with blossom.  What a reward, well worth the effort of digging that hole and toting water!

I haven't planted anything year apart from one oak tree. Even my vegie garden is neglected when this time last year it had hip high plants of all sorts in it.

Ah well, give me a bit of surgery and a couple of weeks recovery and hopefully I'll be good to go by Christmas or Alban Heffin, as we Southern OBOD Druids like to call it, or Midsummer as the more general Pagans often have it.  

We had another fire call-out today.  It's pretty hard for me to see them go without me, but it is good to be able to be useful as they get ready and to close the doors behind them, leaving them one less thing to worry about.  This is how they sound heading out on the highway.


This is how The Beloved looked after a quick bit of blacking out and return to station. So far only small fires. Let's hope it continues like that, though we seem to have a new firebug operating locally.  As the saying goes, "If I catch him, you'll never know."  Hope the right person catches them!  Hope someone, anyone, catches them and locks them up all summer! 

I'm a tad boring just now.  Joining crochet squares, trying to summon up a little energy to play my instruments.  Ah well, I like how the squares are looking joined into rows.  The technique is fast and cute.  The unevenness gets sorted once you join the rows. Technique by Carina here

May or may not get to to posting in the next week or two. I'll do my best!  Wish me luck!    

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