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Friday, 30 December 2016

Labradors and Purrs.

I like this resting time after Christmas.  It is especially resty for me of course because my tummy is still a bit fragile, but we have managed some nice times as well as some peaceful ones.

I've seen a lot of this view as Monseiur Cyrano de Purrrgerac feels he has to help me rest.  

Here is 30 seconds of peaceful kitty patting to soothe and calm your day.

I've got all the rows of my latest afghan crocheted together now, so all I have to do is a few full rounds of the outside, then a final fancier row and it is finished!  It is already pretty big.  It has been unseasonably cool here so having it over my legs and feet (and usually a kitty on top) while I work has been nice. Not so sure how that will feel next week when it is back up to 38C!

Oh and as you can see, I also have a million more ends to weave in now!   Arghhh! 

The other morning we took our two Labbies and their Uncle/Brother Kelly and the new addition, Pippa, down to the river.  Jen felt sure she'd like water as, a typical lab, she likes to snorkel and dig in her water bowl, and sure enough, she took to it very well.  It really helps to have other dogs who love it to lead them in, and also if you can make sure the water shelves nicely with no sudden surprises. Before she knew it she was swimming and even trying to help to fetch the toy.

We were all suitably excited at her cleverness.  I love being part of a doggy family.  :)

Wednesday night we had our Christmas do for the Brigade.  No photo can truly capture such an event, but we did have a very lovely time.  I like this pic because that Is Allan in the foreground laughing there. He has the most catchy laugh ever and can always find something to laugh about, even when life is not being fair to him, which it currently isn't. He and his lovely wife, Heather, are just two of the special people we have come to value highly at our brigade.    

I like this one taken by Nikki, even if I was blinking.  That is me, my sis Jen, and my Assistant Equipment Officer, the cheeky Pierre.  He calls me Chief or Small One (to my face, goodness knows what they call me behind my back, he and his bro Gogs do love giving people witty nicknames).  What do I call him?  Mon Petite Pierre of course!

I recently got called Madame Equipment by another member.  Think I'll make that my name if I ever become a bondage mistress!   :D    

Another sign that it is Christmas time.  A Christmas spider, decorated and beautiful.  I have no idea what they do for the rest of he year, but they are certainly only around at this time of year. A mystery!

May these quiet times between Christmas and New Year bring you replenishment and peace.  Don't make plans to punish yourself with new year's resolution diets and body hating. Instead find a word that sums up what you want this year to mean to you, and maybe make up a dream board of words and images that match the feel of your word, and keep it by you to help you more forward to your dreams as this year progresses.  That will be far more useful to you, more lasting, and far more fun.  

My word for this year?  Exuberant!  I have been having to hold back for a while now between anemia and the op.  When I am allowed to get moving again, look out!  I feel like I am going to sproing out joyfully in all directions!  Weeee!


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