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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Anglo-Saxon Lyre: "Fly Free, Carry me."

I must admit I get a bit of cringe about showing off my own songs, but hey, knowing I will be recording my own tunes does keep me improving and practicing them, so what the heck.

I wrote this song for Odin and his relationship with the mighty Sleipnir, but also for anyone who has ever had a special horse, one that the bond is so close with that you feel you can go anywhere together and do anything with a thought.

The lighting effect was pure luck:  I set it up, made a few gaffs and restarted, and by then the sun was down a bit more and bingo!  I love it!

The sound with my new phone is pretty good, I reckon.  I made the usual few mistakes but I know you'll forgive me for that.


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful...your words, your voice, the music and the lovely birdsong in the background. You look surreal in that light. Very nice. :)
    Your song made me think of my wonderful relationship with Kadie. Never a moment of fear, not even of uncertainty with my girl. Not even once. She really was one in a million. I will always miss her, but was so blessed to have loved her. Indeed! How lucky was I?


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