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Friday, 29 July 2016

Music to Write to: Show of Hands, "The Long Way home."

Writing for Land of Giants is still going well. In my last session for the week, I went over 70 000 words.  I'm right on track.

One of the albums that is currently giving me a little thrill every time one of the songs comes by my writing shuffle is this one by Show of Hands.  I can't say as I have a pure favorite. I pretty much love every song, but here are some that might just edge in over the others, although, what about... oh heck, these will do or I'll end up posting every one! 

The title song:

Such a great lively song. 

This one, When Breme Fell at Hastings, is the song that spurred me to start learning Anglo-Saxon.  I just love the language as used in the start and finish of this song.

This beautiful, timely song, Mesopotamia, gives me goosebumps every time.

Keep Hauling.  An anthem for anyone having a hard time, and makes me think of my fellow Lymies in particular.  Keep Hauling boys and girls!

This is the song that was played on Druidcast Podcast and got me onto these guys (and sometimes, gal too).  Damh the Bard plays so much great music on that podcast!  

And finally, a bouncy singalong one.  Sweet Bella.

The whole of this album has generously been put onto Youtube by Show of Hands, but if you love it as much as I do, please do buy it to help keep them making more music.


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