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Friday, 15 July 2016

Creativitiy in the deeps of winter. And pink boots.

Do you like my new pink work boots? Sis came with me to try on Firey boots to fit her and I found these and, well, the rest is history.  Nice to be chainsawing in something a little tougher than Volleys.  :)

It's been a creative week here. Hit the 60 000 word mark on Land of Giants and having a good time rolling out the Megafauna and tricky bad guys to test my characters. I'd say 60 000 words is about the halfway mark for this book, since I'd planned it being about 120 000 all up, a similar word count to Land of Fire.  Halfway!  Yay me!

Also this week I composed a little tune that I've been calling, "Muninn's Journey." This week, rather than work on the song I have been adapting, I just felt like plinking away on my lyre and purely composing, something I haven't done for a little while.

It's been a good week for sitting by the fire playing music.  Cold!  Cold for here anyway!  

So, I got my little song sorted, then videoed it with my phone so I would have a recording in case I forgot some of it, always a danger until I get around to roughly annotating it. I think I would normally play it through twice, or perhaps each half twice at once. This is just once, through, with usual deliberate mistakes.  :P 

Here is Muninn's Journey, via belly cam. I know, I know, I missed most of my hand, but the tummy angles were just wrong for any better view.  :D

It's also been a good week for crocheting.  Cyrano likes it best if I crochet up at the table, which I do for more complex things like my slouchie beanie.  It's finished, by the way!  Wove in the last ends just today.  I love it!  Feel like it was made for me!  (Which of course it was!)

I haven't got a pic of me wearing it yet.  Andrew did get this pic the other night of Cyrano and I enjoying some quality crochet time, while we listened to Bram Stoker's Dracula on audiobook.

Wednesday night we went to drum circle and had a good time.   We've missed it the last few weeks for one reason and another, so was good to get Old Goaty out and really go for it. 

It's been a very good week!  Hope yours was too!  Tonight is the local folk and blues club, and tomorrow is Fireys!  Yay!   



  1. I will repeat myself (and I will continue to do it without regret or shame :) ): I love the way you write. This post is so good to read... I love seeing that you are creating beauty and enjoying life.
    This week I go back to my journey with Freya. Yay! A friend asked me to read his manuscript and I stopped everything to read it, but now I'm ready for more adventures with Freya and Dinna. :)
    Blessings and love,

    1. Awww, thanks Beautiful Bá. I'm so excited that you are back riding with Freya again. I had so much fun reading along with you!


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