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Monday, 25 July 2016

Bonfires Are Cool!

We had three bonfires ready to go, and it was time to light the biggest, dryest one.  We are rather spoiled for bonfires here, what with all the tidying of trees we have to do, and I always think that the best way to make them special again is to do it with other people who aren't so lucky. It seems, though, that every time we light one, it ends up with just us and maybe mum to enjoy the flames.

So, since we feel so much better these days, we decided to go for it and invite our Brigade to come for the first bonfire of the year. It was a bit of a milestone because we haven't held a party since before the Lyme really took hold.

Reminds me of the sort of fun things we used to do, and often I would make silly invites to go with them. This pair were favorites so I kept them. 

From the Asterix comics, of course.

Well, he did look a lot like Buddha before the beard!

Anyway, after fifteen years and more, it was finally time for another party, so we made two sorts of soups, wrapped tatties in foil, watched the radar with fingers crossed, and just in time the rain clouds blew away and we got to have our party under the most beautiful, crisp, clear skies. Some of these pics were taken by Andrew, some by me, and some by my good Bro-in-Law, Craig.  

As you can see, Labradors featured highly in the party, since all five of our family dogs were there.  The night was truly lovely.  Set to go as low as 3C down on the flats, it would surely come close to zero up here in the hills.  Warm jackets and hats were the order of the event! 

It got darker.  The fire blazed and warmed us all. We ate yummy food.  We chatted amenably.  Dogs cadged off people. Kids ran about.  It was truly a community event!  

As it got colder, the hardy types crowded closer and closer to to the mellowing flames. Stars blazed above us.  Much chocolate was eaten, except by dogs of course!

I must admit, though, that my favorite time was at the end with only a few of us left, sitting almost in the fire to keep warm, periodically getting up to turn and warm up our cold backs and bums, and chatting peacefully as we gazed at the living coals.

Life is good!


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