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Friday, 23 January 2015

Rush hour at the birdbath and other twitcher moments.

My birdbath.  Early morning on a hot day, and all the local birds want a drink at once.  First is a mostly-grown baby Magpie, then Mama.  Then a pink and Grey Cockatoo arrives, there's a Red Wattle bird, and then the piratical Rainbow Lorikeets move in.  Mama Magpie gets offended and goes around trying to shoo them off by pulling tails!

The Rainbow Lorikeets are what I had my camera out trying to film.  They are introduced from the Eastern states to here in Western Australia and taking over a bit, but we mostly don't see them up here in the hills. They've been hanging about here on and off for about two weeks now, the noisy buggers! Our local birds hate them, and I'm sorry they're here, but I can't help liking them for their cheeky character and full-on attitude, especially the kamikazi way they have a bath, which was what I was trying to capture.  I only managed to catch one at it, but at times there are a dozen or more all splashing madly and getting themselves so wet they can hardly fly afterwards!

Mr Bronzewing Pigeon thinks he owns the birdbath and he has a go at seeing them off but they soon put him to rights!

This is the view I get out my window here at this time of year.  The tiny Silvereyes after the tiny grapes.  You can hear their sweet, "Peep peep" calls as well.  I love the Silvereyes.  So very small, and yet tough and adaptable. In some places in the world they migrate vast distances.  Hard to believe when looking at them!

 I've painted a Silvereye once, to use as the logo for our Druid Seedgroup that we named after them.  Amazing what you don't see until you actually render something in paint.


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