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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Final book cover for Land of Fire and other news.

Here it is!  What do you think?

The Proof is on its way.  Should be here by early in Feb.  This book publishing is a game of patience for sure!

In the meantime, I've already started on getting Freya and the Golden Bear ready for print.  It goes a little quicker each time I do it, so the manuscript is half done after only one session of messing with formats etc. I also have to twiddle the front image a bit as is a little wide for the printed version, so I might cut Hagar off the front and put him on the back instead.  We'll see.

In more writing news, I've hit the 82 000 mark for my current novel, Bunyip Dreaming.  I can stop at any time now and it will be a more than respectable size, but it's not ready to end just yet.   It wants a sequel too!

Chicken Soup for Satan has passed its second reader test with a great response! So chuffed!  I think, for me, the novels become reality when they are first read and enjoyed by someone else.  The other stages are nice to achieve, but it is that first acid test that counts!  Now, what the heck do I put on the cover for this novel?  I have a couple of ideas but nothing has gelled for me yet.  Will definitely have to involve a white German Shepherd, but not sure how or what else yet.

I'm still working on the artwork for the preteen novel, Dog Slobber.  I've just been working on a drawing of two Bassetts running in the water.  That was a bit of fun.  :)  Illustrating went on the backburner for a few weeks as I worked on these two little dudes for our great nephew and 'great nephew to be' in Kentucky, USA ready for the baby shower. 

They're from a pattern by Stacey at Fresh Stitches.  I love her stuff because you crochet into the back stitch only and it is much easier on my somewhat sore and stiff Lymie hands. I crocheted the eyes just to make absolutely sure the babies will be safe with them.

My patient girls were doing a bit of tandem tail wagging as I walked by.  I love how they are such friends as well as mum and daughter. 



  1. Wow, how exciting! You have so many published...such an accomplishment!! I just love the picture of your beautiful girls. They are just so lovely. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. Was having a bad day with Annie, but she's still doing alright for now.

    1. Thanks! I just keep plodding on step by step each day and somehow novels get written, then published. :)

      I love my girls. They are so sweet, smart and beautiful! That's Labs for you!

      You and Annie are both in my thoughts a lot. Those times of judging it day by day are so precious and bittersweet. xxx


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