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Monday, 28 August 2017

I Had a Pony Ride

My first ride in five years!  It was lovely too.  Mahlee has always reminded me of my own Sherry.  She is small, pretty, part Arabian, very opinionated and a little hot.

She's a little over 14hh.  A year ago I wouldn't have even considered riding her, but all the stomach trouble has shrunk me down to where Jen and I felt it would be ok for her, though I wouldn't want to ride her every day.

Mahlee's pretty carrot face!

Sis and I went straight out for a bush ride.  Golly I look like a sack of potatoes there in my baggy jumper (everything i own is currently baggy, and my old jodphurs fell right off so I wore jeans.)  Actually I felt pretty good, like I'd never been away from riding, and Mahlee was happy so that's what matters. We enjoyed each other, I think.  I certainly knew how she was thinking, and for a first ride together we were pretty sympatico.   

Jenny says this next pic makes her happy. It certainly made me happy to have that priceless view through a good pair of horse ears once more!  Jen's boy, Fionn, is a lot taller than Mahlee, as you can tell from the photos!  

Jen says she's very used to seeing this view of me riding in front of her on a hot pony, so it was like old times.

We were out for a couple of hours, and although my butt bones are a bit sore, I pulled up pretty well.  It was definitely worth it!

Not sure how much riding is in my future, but I won't be saying goodbye to it forever just yet, that's for sure!

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