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Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Fun Musical Evening

This is me having a quiet moment with the Queen Jarrah up at our block.  She is feeling so much better.  I did a healing journey for her and her spirit came along and enjoyed it so much that I now call her The Flying Jarrah, because she so loved being able to travel on the inner plane so freely.  She knows how to do it on her own now.  Her energy was so forbidding before, but I planted her the baby trees I promised her, then did the healing journey for her, and now her energy is so much lighter and brighter, and she is putting out many new leaves.  Even trees like it when you keep your promises and give them a little love.

There was no drumming circle this week, so instead Andyroo and I picked up my guitar, Pele el Kabongo, and his ukulele and took ourselves off to my sister, Jenny's place for an evening of jamming.

It was lovely to arrive and find that our oldest niece on that side, Tee, was there too with her significant other, James, who is rather a guitar whizz.  The extra two people made for a much more musical but even more chaotic night! 

We got a few little videos and I thought you'd like to see them.  It might inspire more people to have fun with music, just as people always did until the canned stuff made us think we weren't good enough.

We tried, "Riptide," by Vance Joy, first, since it is the first song Andrew learned on his uke. Sorry about the twisty video, I am no phone expert, but I think it kind of matches the chaos nicely.

Then we had a go at, "Love is all around you," and I think that went pretty well but unfortunately we didn't video any of it!

After that came a lovely version of Missy Higgins', "Steer" sung by Jen and Tee.  I had the hang of the camera a bit better by then.  :) 

When Tee was little we used to sing with her a lot, whenever we were in the car going somewhere.  I haven't heard her singing in recent years and man does she have a beautiful voice.

I think we girls were all doing pretty well on another Missy Higgins song, "Ten Days."

And this was little Niamhy's pick.  "I kissed a girl," by Katy Perry.  She is another family member who loves to sing. 

I am totally inspired now, by James, to become a better guitar player.  The way he could pick up any song and play it, not just strumming but working out clever rhythms and such on the spot!  So good!  I've been a lazy guitar player for years. Time to up the ante! 
Right now, my second Freya book is being read by three people.  If the reports I am getting back are anything to go by, it's as funny and fun as the first one.  Yayyy!  I love it when my books are read and enjoyed by other people for the first time!

If you were thinking of adding a few Kindle books to a present for someone, did you know can have them arrive digitally for the person on Christmas morning?  If you do go that way, stick in one of my books too.  At 99 cents US each for hours of pleasure, how can you go wrong?   :D 


  1. How fantastic!! I don't claim to be a great singer by any stretch, but I do love to sing and enjoy music so much. I'm the only one in my family who took any musical lessons at all, sang in choir, used to play piano, but I've pretty much lost it. Still have my old piano though, maybe I'll be inspired to brush up. Have always wanted to play guitar though...still a dream of mine. Wish I could come join in sometime - how fun!! I really like that 10 days song, had never heard it before, but it's just lovely. :)

  2. Happy summer solstice Tina, and Merry Christmas!!! It's our winter solstice here, and I AM SO VERY GLAD!!! Very much looking forward to longer days...and less rain.


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