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Friday, 9 October 2015

Bunyip Dreaming goes into print!

So, at last, my latest book is also available in the print edition. I think it comes close to being my favorite cover yet!  Rosie is posing with it to show it to you.  My proof copy is already looking rather battered. Must remember to photograph it before reading!

 "Hurry up and take the pic so I can have my treaty for posing so well!

The book is 16.99 US from amazon.  I've had great reports from everyone who has read it so far. People are really loving it, which I in turn love very much to hear!

I still haven't got to the vegie garden yet, and with summer seemingly coming early this year, I've nearly missed my window to get the seedlings started safely before the sun gets crispy hot!  Ah well, Istill have masses of silverbeet!

You can see my chookies behind there, waiting for me to pick them some.

I'm having an odd mood kind of day today.  Very conflicted. Andyroo is off at fire training for the volunteer bushfire brigade. After this weekend and the next, he will be a fully active firefighter.  I was supposed to be there too, but I've been having so much trouble with my tum that I had to pull out.  A lot of my lyme symptoms are gone or much lessened, but GI tracts take a long time to heal, and tummy troubles and fighting fires, or even long days of training, are a bit beyond me just now.

I'll still be able to help in some ways, but for now I will not be joining the ranks of the active firefighters.  My mood is mixed because I've so been looking forward to being a full member of the team and having some adventures, but also for quite a while have been worried I am just not up to it.

Ah well, such is the way of life with chronic illness: Hoping, and grieving what you find you can't do, and always trying to do more than you probably should.  Today I'll go up to the station and treat a few Jarrah trees there for dieback. That is something I CAN do.

One of my favorite trees here at home is in full flower now.  It's known as a Native Frangipani.  I have no idea where it is native to, though!  The flowers are amazing, and the birds and bees adore them.

There were ring-necked parrots in there even as I took the photos, but they are green and yellow and too well camouflaged to see easily.  You know they are there because they drop flowers, and you can hear the sound of their beaks nibbling away.  They are also known as 28's, because of their distinctive alarm cry that sounds like they are calling out, "Twenty-eight! Twenty-eight! Twenty-eight!"

Here is a lovely pic of two, taken by John Dart.   

Ah well, better go treat those trees!   With spring coming on apace, their sap is running and it's the best time to get at that horrible dieback. 

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