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Friday, 25 August 2017

Sunshine at Last!

Woohoo and likewise yay!  Sun!

Plenty of time for this:

Plenty of warm spots for the chooks to do this:

Nothing looks much more contented than a bunch of chooks having a sunbake.  I love how they all cluster up to the first one who flops down, and throw themselves down as well.  A mass sunbake event doesn't last long, as they tend to be up and moving about pretty quickly, but they do love them.

I've started writing again in earnest now, and thanks to Andrew's technical help, I am now mobile with my writing.  Yesterday and today I took an ipad and keyboard down the block and wrote outside.  Lovely!   Got my word count in no time, and with good company too!

See the chooks in that second one?  They like it if I go down there, because they feel safer being out in the big paddock with me around. Not sure what I could do to thwart an eagle or hawk attack but anyway, if they feel happy that is all that matters.

A lot of our natives are flowering well now.  The Wavy-Leafed Hakeas:

The net bush.  To me their flowers look like tiny constellations:

  And the Bastard Bush (also known as Variegated-Leafed Hakea):

I've finished my chicken tea cosy for a good friend who also loves chooks.

And I've had two truck lessons in the 2.4 firetruck.  They were fun in a challenging kind of way.  Now if only I can remember to get a photo!

I did remember to get a photo of Rosie with her one broken bottom canine. I took these pics yesterday.  

The vet says the broken tooth is ok to stay in, luckily.  No need for an operation to remove it.  
But then, this morning, she was grinning up at me again, waiting to go for our walk, and bugger me if she hasn't broken off the other canine bottom tooth almost exactly the same way!  What the hell is she doing?  It can only be bones, or from messing around mousing in the chook pen.  She hasn't had her own bone in a while, but she did pinch one of Tess and Angus's yesterday.  Poor old snaggle-tooth dog!  She's only nine.  She won't have any teeth left at all if she keeps this up!

This pic gave me a giggle.  Phone used slow shutter speed because it was dark, she turned her head, and I ended up with a spooky eye!

Yikes!  :D

Still not great pics, but so cute. "Can we please have our walk now?"

"Please please please?"

I wonder how much I would walk if I didn't have dogs to get me out there? 


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