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Friday, 4 August 2017

Here it is at last!

It's been a long time coming because I had a lot of learning to do, but my website is up and running now.  I would love any opinions via comments here, or emails on the site, or on Facebook.

Wherever you comment, I will put your name into the hat to win a beautiful print copy of whichever one of my books you would like to win, and I will send it anywhere in the world!    

If you'd like to hear my writing news, sign up for my newsletter while you're there. I will have freebie offers in my newsletters occasionally, and the first freebie is the short-story, Hunting.    

She's an artist, but what else is she?


Enjoy the story, and don't forget to go look at my site and give me a comment here or elsewhere for a chance to win that print copy of one of my fun books.

I hope you like my latest creative child!

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  1. The website looks fantastic. Very professional, charming and easy to use. Well done.


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