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Friday, 18 August 2017


Here's my lovely latest crochet project...  What the?  Nooo!  It's all going dark!  Kitty Eclipse!

"Whats your problem?  I'm more interesting than any crochet."

Yeah maybe, but here it is anyway.  Rooster teapot cosy on the way.   See the neck just starting?  I have no idea what I'm doing because I'm making it up as I go along, but I have a very vague idea of how I want it to look.  I'm happy so far!

The crocodile stitch is so nice to handle.  It's plump and textured and stretchy.  Nummy!

The afghan is still coming along too.  Anyone else see a friendly  robot face there?  

Oh ok, only me?  That comes of being a novelist and having too vivid an imagination.  I've been having fun this week researching and planning for the second Chicken Soup book.  That has really got the juices going, and already new characters are taking shape in my mind. Soon they'll begin to have a life of their own and then all I'll have to do is let them loose.

I've also been reading up on this stuff, the Karpman Drama Triangle, at first with an eye to understanding what is happening in our fire brigade, but then with more and more interest in how it can apply to all aspects of my life.  Many thanks to Frances, whose chance remark sent me off on a researching quest!  It's long, but very interesting, and I would recommend a read to anyone who has trouble working out how they ended up getting dragged into drama in family or other human interactions.

In a non dramatic moment, we came across some more work from the phantom rock-balancer this week, in an old railway cutting along a different bit of the bridle path.  I love coming across these.   Thank you, whoever you are!  

It looked especially lovely set against the wet black of the granite outcrop.

They always make me take an extra moment to return to centre and feel at peace.

Fido likes to be in the centre too: In the centre of any action that is going on!
Nothing to eat here, Fido, nothing to eat.  Move on, please!  I have more branches to drag!   (So many branches.)

We took Timmy the Jimny into town this week.  So funny how often we ended up juxtaposed with huge white 4x4's.
Wait for me, Mama!
The weekend promises to be a busy one, with a training day at a different brigade with some of my fave team members on Saturday, and on Sunday we have two different outings with friends.

The day today feels like spring is a comin' in, though tomorrow another storm is forecast. That's ok, I know it will be dry, hot summer before we know it. Bring on the rain!



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