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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Wildflower Time and Other news.

Well, I've finished the first draft of book number eleven!  "Land of Giants," sequel to, "Land of Fire," is done!  Over seven months of writing five days a week, and 118 267 words later!

I'm very pleased with how it came out in the end, though just like my readers I am always sorry to leave my characters behind.  It was lovely to revisit Lily, Perry, Bu, Brodie and all the rest, and this time, side characters Andy and Lem got to shine.

Six weeks, give or take, to let it ease out of my mind so it feels fresh and I'll go back in for the second draft.

I'm not going to start writing another book at once as i often do.  It's time for a spring clean here and with fire season just around the corner, we'll be busier with the brigade too.

The vegie gardens need a little TLC too!

I've already got ideas brewing for the next book, though, involving a sequel to, "Chicken Soup for Satan," and a revisit to Satan Smith and his lovely German shepherd, Ghost, and their fun housemates... and spooky things of course!

So, without a couple of hours a day stuck to my desk straining my brain, it feels a bit like holiday time for me!  The spring is in the air, and our walk this morning was blissful; crisp but warm, and the sun was shining in that clear way it has in spring.

Tuppy is having some off lead privileges to see how she goes now she is five and a bit more settled.  So far so good! 

These orchids were beside the path.

And the flame pea type plants, of which there are a multitude of different varieties, were out brightly in the sun, like little jewels amongst the green.

On Thursday, when we went to walk in the reserve across the road, this patch of Leschenaultia was glowing bright.  It is the thickest patch I've seen for a while.  Tuppy had just been sitting up for a treat, which is why she looks like she's doing a dressage levade.  :)  
And the Sundews were sparkling in the sun. They are well named, as each little spot of sticky sap, set to catch insects, picks up the sun like a tiny spot of dew and they truly do sparkle.    

Twinkle twinkle little Sundew!

I have about two granny squares left to go on the latest afghan, so am exploring colours and ways to join them this time.  What do you think?  Too much yellow? Will certainly brighten up all the green!

This wall painting was in a cool book cafe yesterday where I went to wait for two hours because I'd got my appointment time for a doctor wrong!  D'oh!  

Was an interesting thing, though.  I got there way too early but the person who went in before me was a lovely lady and fellow lymie who I am friends with on Fb but have never met in person, so we got to hug at last, and have a lovely chat while she and her delightful partner, Thommo, waited to go in.  

What are the odds that of all this doctor's patients, it should be sweet Tammy who I was there in time to meet at last, by a pure fluke?  Thanks for that, Universe!  I appreciate it! 

Anyway, the wall at the cafe. I think this is rather a good motto for life actually.  :)

It reminds me of this lovely pair of photos that Michelle got at a burn yesterday while I was off sipping tea and eating cake in a cafe in the big city!   Being Fireys is mostly serious, and hard work too, but it is 'right work' and there is a joy in that, and in being with one's team-mates.  This is my sister Jen, who has now fully qualified to be a firefighter, and Andy.


Can't even begin to tell you how much I adore these photos.  :D

There is another hazard reduction burn on tonight and this one I will probably get to, at last!  We only have a small window between too wet and too dry to do these burns, so for a few weeks it gets pretty hectic.  I'm glad the flu has finally cleared long enough for me to feel up to the job!    



  1. I have only just started reading your blog recently. I could never get it to come up before, but I now find that it works. The mysteries of Google never cease.

    Congratulations on your new book, that is very impressive. I am going to see if I can find them on Amazon. I could use some new reading material:)

    1. I hope you like them! I haven't put a donkey in one yet but I might...

      If you click on the photo of the book cover that you think you might like, the ones on the right going down my blog page, that will take you straight to their Amazon page. They all have animals in them, of course!


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