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Monday, 17 October 2016

Jenny and Fifi Triumph!

Went to watch my sis and her huge giant baby horse, Fionn, who is now almost five, at their first ever riding club lesson yesterday.  They did so well and looked so good, I was proud as punch of both of them.

He was pretty excited on the inside, but as she said, he made good choices to look and learn instead of being silly, and he was so interested in everything, and they looked quite the team. You'd never know how green he was.   

There were times when he was moving in the most beautiful self carriage, and he has such a lovely rhythm, and Jen wisely hasn't rushed this big baby out of rhythm by hurrying him.  She has let him come to his balance and more impulsion in his own time, and this is the result.   

 She was so happy, and who could blame her!

 He even lined up like an old horse in between his turns.

Though he did have fun while he was waiting, by knocking over the chair and dressage marker.  He didn't even scare himself when he did that.  He is going to be one cool cookie!

 He is so intelligent and loves to poke his nose into everything.

In the afternoon they had another lesson, all very low key to make sure he had a good day and ended on a good note, and he even got to do some tiny jumps out on the cross country, which he also enjoyed. With generations of Eventers and Irish hunters in his pedigree, he is surely born to jump!

They were both magnificent. It is no easy to thing to raise a young horse, especially a huge one, and Jen has worked so hard, bravely and carefully at getting every stage of his training just right.   Now she is getting to the stage where they can go out and have fun together at last!

Go Jen and Fionn!

In other news, the little chookies only took two nights to work out how to get up to the high perch, and the gap on the perch between the two halves of the flock is narrowing. I got this pic of one of our Bronzewing pigeons yesterday evening when putting away the big girls.  I have never got so close to one as I can get to this well-fed bugger!  He thinks he owns the chook pen now and picks at scratch at my feet like another chicken!

I'd be happier if he used some of all that food he and his friends are stealing to lay me an egg.  :D

I am up and down for energy still.  I've managed to go back to lyre playing after the longest break ever.  I was playing Mondream yesterday and Andrew popped out to let me know he was off to do some computer support for a friend, and I had to laugh at the company that came and went with him.

 The pied piper of Tuppys and chickens.  :D

Today I did manage to make two lovely almost-paleo fruitcakes for him.  Fruitcake is one of his favorites.  They have vanilla and fresh zest of lemons and oranges in them, so the smell in the cottage as they cool off right now is insane.  I add a teaspoon each of cinnamon and mixed spice, and use butter instead of oil, and low GI cane sugar instead of coconut sugar.  Just in case you want to try that recipe and have it come out like mine.    

I'm determined to get a least some word of my novel today.  I think I've had a whole month off due to this stoopid flu!  I'm feeling better about it now as my health returns.  I know where I'm going and have the brain power now to do it.   Not far to go!

The dogs enjoyed the cuppa time at Mum's this morning. I liked the juxtaposition of the two young ones, brother and sister, off sunning, while the two older ones, grandmother and daughter, sleep nearby at our feet.  One of each colour at each position!




  1. Good to hear you ferling more and more human again. 😊

  2. Jenny and Fifi are indeed magnificent!

    Love all the photos. The chickens are beautiful! I would love to have a little coop one day.

    I almost could feel the scent of those cakes, Tina! Now I want to bake fruit cakes just to have the house smelling wonderful.

    Glad to know that you're feeling better. :)

    Oh! I managed to write a little this past week and I'm planning to write a lot today. It's the first day that I get to stay at home since October 8th. I'm super happy!

    There are two maritacas sitting on the wall next to my window! They are so loud! hehehehe

    Big hug!


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