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Friday, 29 April 2016

Martial Arts and other art.

The art of nature making lovely views from my kitchen table...

The art, or is it craft, of making archive shelves at the fire station.  As usual Andyroo and I made quite the team. 

The art and atmosphere in our favorite cafe, the Crooked Spire in Midland...  

Doopy likes his new blingy look with his shiny new nudge bar.  Wonder if he'll like it when aerials get put on it?   Andyroo will!  :D

Some old photos came to light this week at mum's place...

The art of riding as being learned by my oldest niece, Tee, on my dear Isabeau.

Gods, is that me there in blue?  I was so tiny!   I was at the height of my martial arts madness then.  We trained every morning at both Arnis and Taekwondo.  This is us messing with Arnis. 

I was glad when mum found these.  We have hardly any pics of us doing our thing from those days. I do have this earlier one of me doing a long jumping kick competition. 

 And this is one of me sparring...

There was a video of Andrew and I doing a knife defense demo at a Darlington Arts Festival, but it's lost now, sadly.  

Sometimes I get inklings that I'd like to go back to a martial art of some sort. I did love it so. Not sure my old Lymie joints and muscles would like it much nowadays!

Cyrano thinks all this hurry and scurry is madness.


A soft kitty and a good read are the answer to every question, he reckons!  I'm on the way to producing another good read. ( I hope!)  End of week two of writing Land of Giants and I've got 11 310 words.  The story is just about to change up a gear!


  1. Your posts are always perfect to read while enjoying a cup of chai. I love them all.
    Cyrano is always right, of course. Cats know things. :)
    Tina, how awesome is to see these photos of warrior-Tina!! So brave!
    My word count was very good this week. I wasn't happy about the path the story was walking through, but then the Muse visited me during the night at the beginning of the week with a very good idea and now I'm happy again. The story got more intense. I like that.

    Have a blissful evening.

    Big hug!

    1. Thank you Bá Dear! I love it when the story is exciting, the words really flow then! Big Hugs to you too my Blissful Sister!


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