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Monday, 1 February 2016

January Comes to a close

So much going on this last week or so.  This will be a bit of a 'this and that' post.

Fireys has been all go, though not with fires, luckily. I somehow got myself into the role of Equipment Officer at the last meeting so now I have a new job to learn within the Brigade. I'll be fine counting helmets, gloves, ordering gear and what have you, but I hope there are some mechanically-minded people around to help me when anything of that nature needs doing!   Mechanical, I am not!

Last week we went out in the two fire vehicles and down a local popular four wheel driving track.  It got a bit hairy at times, especially in the back of the 1.4, though Andrew tells me it looked better from the front seat! 

I got so unnerved a couple of times, I got out and walked past the rough bit. Luckily I have no particular need to appear to be a hero, so was quite happy to chicken out.  Also my fifty year old bladder needed a rest from bouncing, and quiet trip behind a tree.   :)  Mostly, though, it was fun, bouncing around in the back with whoever was not driving at the time. This is Nikki and I.  

Think my brains got a bit rattled!

This is my Brother in Law, Craig, having his turn driving.  Yes, it's a real family affair at the Brigade now, with mum, sis and BIL all recently joining!  I think we were just having too much fun for them to resist.  :)

Here comes the 1.4 down the track.  I'd got out at this point, but this wasn't too bad in the end. I'd thought they were taking it down a very rough bit in the middle but they took it round the side instead. 

This is what the track we'd been down looked like, with a thunderstorm chasing us as we went.

Hey, wait for me! 

Nature has been pretty spectacular around here lately.  Mr Bronzewing was enjoying the damp paddock after a thunderstorm.  

But he didn't enjoy me getting too close...

The moon was nearly full, and up before sundown, when we got this photo of it shining through the branches of two of our lovely lemon-scented gums.

  All the stormy weather really has been a boon for sky-watchers!

Rosie and Tuppy don't care, as long as they get their walks...


... and their nap times.  I love that they get on so well, my sweet book ends. 

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