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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Cover Art Sneak Peek

I've been really occupied today with working on the cover art for Freya and the Hairy Goddess, in between baking and cleaning and goodness knows what else. I don't know where the days go at the moment!

We don't take much notice of NYE here.  I think it tends to make people too desperate to have fun, since it is *supposed* to be such a fantastic night.  We'd rather avoid the freneticism. Instead we're going to have a date night at home.  We're planning to put a roast in the oven and snuggle up on the couch to watch Romeo and Juliet, the first movie we ever went to see together, then we'll take a walk into the paddock and look at the stars.

We'll probably be all tucked up and asleep well before midnight.  (So long as the local firebugs refrain from lighting any new ones!) Thank Goddess for the sense a bit more age bestows upon us.  In my younger years I'd have been out "freneticking" with the best of them.   

I don't want to show you too much of my cover art yet, but here's a teaser, one of the sketches, of which there are rather many!

I hope it wets your appetite for the full cover, and the book!

One of those "memories" things came by my facebook page the other day and showed me a picture of Tuppy this time four years ago. Hard to believe that exactly fours years ago, Tuppence was only this big. 

Already obsessive though!  She's trying to hypnotise me into coming to do some training in this pic.

 And she drove her mum, Rosie, bonkers at times as well. These pics always crack me up. Poor Rosie was so patient!

Tuppy wore us all out, herself included.

But she loved her Mama.

And embarrassed her just like all daughters do. 

She was such a bright little cutie patootie! (Still is at four.)

Have a good New Year's celebration, and keep safe!  I'll see you in 2016! 


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