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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Amigurumi!

Yay!  I finally get to post the Amigurumi critters I gave out to family last night!

Firstly, more minicorns!  I've definitely made more of these guys, by Ahooka, than anything else, but I do love their cheeky little selves so much.  The green one and blue one are for my nieces.  The yellow one is mine and was just enjoying hanging out in the herd for a while.  :)


They were much appreciated!

Next was a not-very-big-bad-wolf for my niece's fella, James.  He's from a pattern by Amigurumi To Go. 

He came out as rather an enthusiastic and friendly wolf actually.  :)

After that comes Artistic Annie, who I made for my Aunty Wendy, who is also very artistic.

Annie is so creative that she made all her own clothes, even her hat! She is from this pattern by Red Heart Yarns.

The last Amigurumi I can't show you yet, because it has yet to be gifted!

The dogs found this guy hiding under paint can the other day.  I was surprised when they started sniffing around the can and I lifted it to find such a big Bobtail Skink there!  I thought it might be a tiny lizard or a mouse!

Ever since we were kids, we've enjoyed messing with the Bobtails.  We would catch them (to protect them from our bobtail-murdering Cairn Terrier, Dougal) then pick off the ticks, give them a feed of tomato, watermelon or strawberries, then release them somewhere safer.

This guy got hidden under some nice, tight dog-proof bushes, and given a cucumber to eat. They love anything juicy, and cucumbers are what I've got lots of just now!

First, though, I had to give him a good head rub. They love this. You can kind of hypnotise them, even the wild ones, with a nice finger rub.  Must feel lovely to have your head rubbed when you can't reach it with your stumpy legs!

We had our family Christmas last night so today we are just being quiet and waiting to see if we get called out to a fire.  You never know, we might even get that shed built that's been waiting two years to be put together!

Last night was such fun.  I feel so lucky to have my family. They are all such genuinely wonderful people.  I hope you are having as pleasant a holiday season as I am!  With so much socialising to do right now, I'm really feeling the strength of my Lyme Disease recovery now, and it's bliss.  If you have lyme too, don't give up.  It's been four years of treatment now for Andrew and I.  It's no easy road back, but by golly, you can do eeeet, and it's worth it! 




  1. Gorgeous Amigurumi Tina! I've never seen a bobtail before.

    1. I saw him again today, PJ, ambling out of the chook pen.

  2. Aunty Wendy loved Artistic Annie so much too :)


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