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Thursday, 22 October 2015


It's time to cut my hair again.  These days I have it cut once a year, washing it first, then wandering next door and having my mum cut it straight across at the back.  All my life, I have felt like some of my power lay in my hair, and as a child, hated having it cut.
In consequence, when I had a choice, I just didn't.  It got this long and stayed this way for many years.

That horse is my dear Isabeau, by the way. I'll do a post about her one of these days.  We took this pic one day when we were having fun taking photos in our SCA gear. I love this 'hair out' one of my sis, Jen, and I too.

Mostly, though, it stayed in one or two very long braids, because it was just too damned long to bother with.

Anyway, at some point I got into martial arts and, while I loved my braid down my back as I did patterns and such, I kind of felt like I needed a cooler change.  I started cutting it.  This is about the shortest it got.


Weirdly, this very short hair coincides with the beginning of my descent into ill health with lyme. Go figure. Maybe my personal superstition had something to it after all.  :)

I missed my hair and couldn't be bothered with constant trimming, so I stopped cutting it again.  Nowadays, as long as it sits somewhere around the region of my shoulder-blades, I'm happy, and I feel I have my power back.  

Maybe Sampson had something?    


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