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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cat Art

I've done a lot of doggy posts lately, so to balance things up a bit, here's a catty one, featuring some of the cats I've painted over the years.

 Taco and Rassy Roo. 

 Sue the Catwitch.

 Nermal the Kitchen Cat.

 Tippy cat and Molly.

 Lea in Ink.

 Lea with Watercolour added.
Billie the Spiral Cat.
Buffy and Cyrano (whoops, slipped a dog in there!)
 Nermal the couch Cat. 

 Nermal in His Blue Period.

 Nermal Watercolour

Nermal and Massey the First. (Yes there's a Massey the Second.) 

Nermal in Sunlight

Keech and Massey.  (Heh heh, another sneaky dog there!)
Cats are nice to paint.  Must do some more of Cyrano!

In writing news, the Heroic Plans first draft went over the 50 000 word mark this morning.  Weeeee!

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