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Friday 19 May 2023

The joy of role-playing games (Spoiler art for Court of Fey and Flowers on Dimension 20)



 Pic of ~Luka to avoid showing thumbnail of below art on top of post! 

Ever since covid, I've been getting so much joy and inspiration from watching Dungeons and Dragons and other role playing games like Wanderhome and Good Society played on screen on youtube, twitch and Dropout TV.  I've even started running my own games for friends and family.   Never let it be said that an old chook can't learn new tricks!

There is something about this medium of shared storytelling that I just get.  I love the two layers of the relationships between the players, and the relationships between their characters, I love the spontaneity of it and the amazing humour and emotion that can be generated by a group of people sitting around a table together.  The long play style and slow burn of the stories are peaceful for me, too.  

For some time now, most visual media have just been to over-the-top for my senses. Too violent, too emotion-jerky, too camera-twitchy, too manipulative.  I begin to watch things that are supposed by others to be so great, and then back out early on because I just don't feel good for watching them.  RPG, though, the stories they tell give me joy and live in my head in a happy way, and may they live there forever!

If you'd like to get a feel for a role playing game where dice and improvisation decide the outcome of the story instead of a script, watch this lovely series of edits of just one thread of A Court of Fey and Flowers.

Beware below pics the spoiler for this thread!   Come back after you watch!





There is something about this pair of beings who see themselves as unlovable and monstrous and yet find each other that just grabs my heart. So many of us think we will not be worthy of love because of what we perceive as our flaws, but actually there is somebody out there who will see your beauty and worth just as you are.  This story was beautiful, and it was played out by a pair of fellas who were as surprised by its unfolding as we were.  That's the beauty of RPG.         

These two have my heart.  This is my first ever piece of fan art!  Oscar Montoya and Brennan Lee Mulligan played them to perfection.  Drawn in ink and coloured-pencil then put into procreate to add the circle and text.  


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