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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Midwinter Frolics

I know Australia is supposed to be bright all year around, but here was our walk the other morning.

I love a misty winter walk.

And of course, winter means bonfires at last while we are safe from the threat of bushfire!

Sis Jen had a fab one, organised for her by her hubby Rowdy for her birthday, on Saturday night.   It was a biggie!  Many thanks to Gogs for these gorgeous pics!

This one was taken by our other sister,  PJ.  She came over especially for Jen's birthday and that was some dedication because she lives at the top of Australia on the very opposite corner to us!

It is always amazing to us how similar the three of us are, even though PJ grew up so far away from us.   There is magic in the three of us together.  Magic and power!  I am very proud of my two high-energy, intelligent, ethical and honest sissies!   I am sooo lucky to have them in my life!

Kelly loves his Aunty PJ too.

Midwinter is a time of stillness, and yet change is coming too.  Like a seed under the ground, we rest in the dark time and yet grow, and as the days begin to lengthen once more, we will burst out into new life and plans.   To my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, happy Midsummer!   Have a swim for me! 


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